Application Packet: Design Review Board
Architectural Design Review is intended to encourage and enhance the historical character and natural
attractiveness of the City of Bisbee. It is a recognized fact that part of the economic well-being of the City
depends upon its tourism development. It is also the intent of this district to protect the City’s unique
architecture and items of historical significance from the effects of inharmonious, bizarre, and out-of-scale
development. Architectural Design Review requires a review of the exterior design for all buildings, structures, or
appurtenances which are to be erected, constructed, converted, established, altered or enlarged within those
districts subject to Architectural Design Review, by the Design Review Board 3.5.1.
Requirements pertaining to the Architectural Design Review for Historic Preservation (HP) Overlay District
are contained in the Zoning Code under Article 3.5.
Most decisions are issued within 45 days of application submittal
Applicant submits application (including all items in the attached checklist) to City of Bisbee at
915 S. Tovreaville Road, Bisbee, AZ 85603
Staff reviews application for completeness within 10 days of submittal. If the application is not
complete, the applicant will be notified as to what information is missing and allowed 15 days to
submit the additional information; without interruption of the application process.
After all required information is submitted, the application is deemed complete and staff sets the
date for the public hearing at the next available Design Review Board meeting. Notice of the
hearing is sent to the applicant, property owner and property owners within 300 feet. NOT LESS
Staff prepares posting sign(s) and sends notice of posting requirements to the applicant.
Applicant posts sign(s) along street frontage(s) of property 15 days prior to hearing.
The Design Review Board holds the public hearing. Staff presents the staff report, followed by
testimony from applicant, proponent(s), opponent(s) and rebuttal.
The Design Review Board renders their Decision based upon whether the proposal meets the
applicable criteria.
Staff sends copy of Decision (noting 30‐day appeal period) to applicant, property owner and
property owners within 300 ft.
If no appeal is filed, and the Board of Adjustment does not initiate review of the application (in
the case of Demolition and New Construction), the Major Historic Design Review Board decision
becomes effective.
Design Review Board Worksheet
Site Address:
Resource Status: Contributing □ Non- Contributing
Chose One: Commercial Residential □
Replacement, Alteration, Restoration or Addition of:
Architectural Feature: Landscape Feature: New:
Awning Fence Addition
Door Streetscape Accessory Structure
Exterior Trim, Lintel Other Site feature (describe) Sign
Other architectural feature Mural
Roof/Cornice Accessibility Ramp
Masonry/Siding Energy Improvements
Storefront Mechanical Equipment
Window(s) Number of windows: Primary Structure
Will the proposed alteration be visible from any public right-of-way? Yes No
Project’s Existing Material: Project’s New Material:
Project Description
Briefly provide an overview of the type of work proposed. Please attach any additional information (i.e., product
specification sheets) that will help staff and the DRB clearly understand the proposed work:
Signature of Applicant Date Submitted/Signed
Design Review Board Application DRB #______________________
To expedite the review process please submit the completed application forty-five (45) days before a regularly scheduled meeting.
The DRB meets the 1
Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM, at City Hall, 915 S. Tovreaville Road, Bisbee, AZ 85603. A non-refundable filing fee of
$75.00 must accompany the application. A non-refundable fee of $125.00 will be required for an application that requires City staff to
notify property owners within 300 feet of the subject property including those for new construction, demolition, an increase in height of an
existing building, or the substantial modification to a building that has been designated as having special significance or as a contributing structure
within the District. If the applicant or designated representative is not present at the hearing, the Board may table the application if it requires
additional information.
DRB APPROVAL DOES NOT MEAN APPROVAL FOR A BUILDING PERMIT - **A separate building permit must be obtained within one year.
Date: Year Built: Parcel #: Phone:
Property Owner: Mailing Address:
Property Address: Representative:
Short Description of work to be done:
As applicant for approval by the Design Review Board, I hereby affirm that this application includes an accurate description of the proposed improvements. I
understand that I can only obtain a building permit for construction or improvements that are substantially in conformance with this application, as approved. If this
project is altered, I will re-apply for additional approval.
___________________ ______________________________
Signature of owner or representative Date: Chair Signature Date:
Design Review Board Action □ Approved □ Disapproved
DRB Conditions:
ADMINISTRATIVE APPROVAL__________________________________________________________ _______________________________
Name and Title Date:
DRB Application Page 1 Updated 09/03/2019 1
Planning and Zoning
Submittal Requirements
Nine (9) Packets containing the front side of application form and one each of the items below must be
turned in and ready for distribution to the Board. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
Agendas are prepared and mailed the ____________ prior to the meeting. Therefore, applications
received less than 45 days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting may not be added and will
have to be reviewed at the following months meeting.
Submittal documents
Check List
An application for Design Review approval which includes the applicant’s name, mailing address,
location of property, legal description of property and other information deemed necessary by the
Building Inspector and the Design Review Board.
Adequate illustration of the building or structure’s character and treatment to scale through
elevations of the front, sides and rear of the building. The maximum heights of all structures shall be
A site plan, to scale, showing area covered by the building or structure, parking areas, and
landscaping treatment and any other information pertinent to understanding the application.
A list of exterior materials. In case of a sign, the method of attachment.
A copy of the assessor’s map of the property.
Photographs of the building and of neighboring structures, upon request from the Building
Exterior Changes Requiring DRB Consideration
Exterior Construction, Reconstruction, Alterations or Structural Changes
(This includes room additions, new roofline, new porches, fences, new awnings etc.)
• Any exterior changes, requiring a building permit or not, must have approval of the Design Review Board
prior to the commencement of work.
Prior to the change of any building’s exterior features, by remodeling or alteration, and prior to any new
construction within the District, the property owner, or his designated agent, shall secure the approval of the
Design Review Board. For commercial buildings located within the portion of the District that is officially
included within the National Register of Historic Places, each property owner shall obtain specific approval
from the Design Review Board prior to painting or re-surfacing any existing, unpainted brick structures and
prior to covering or altering any of the existing signs painted on the building facades in this area.
Any applicant dissatisfied or aggrieved by the Design Review Boards decision may appeal the decision to the
Board of Adjustment by filing a written notice of appeal with the City Clerk within thirty (30) days from the date
of the Design Review Boards Decision.
A copy of the application will be retained in the building inspection file.
DRB Application Page 2Rev. 09/03/2019
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