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Date: January 21, 2020
Request for Quotation No. 19-3003717___
DeKalb County, Georgia is requesting a quotation for the following:
DeKalb County seeks professional services to create a digital library and records system
for all conditions of zoning (rezoning, special land use permits, major modifications) as
part of the existing Geographic Information System (GIS) parcel layer.
I. Scope of Services:
See Attachment A
II. Proposed Term:
6 months
III. Payment Terms:
Net 30
IV. Federal Work Authorization Program:
All qualifying contractors and subcontractors performing work with DeKalb
County, Georgia must register and participate in the federal work authorization
program to verify the work eligibility information of new employees. In order for
a Quotation to be considered, it is mandatory that the Contractor’s Affidavit,
Attachment D, be completed with bidder’s proposal.
V. Due Date:
All questions are due to Angel Frazier via email at
amfrazier@dekalbcountyga.gov on or before 3:00 p.m. EST on January 27,
Digitally signed by Crystal
Date: 2020.01.21
15:04:07 -05'00'
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Quotes are due on or before 3:00 p.m. EST on, February 6, 2020. Bidder
must complete and return the quote form, reference form, Contractor’s affidavit
and provide a copy of Bidder’s valid business license to DeKalb County by email
to the attention of Angel Frazier or email to amfrazier@dekalbcountyga.gov.
All quotes are to be provided on Attachment B, Quote Form.
VI. Attachments:
A. Scope of Services
B. Quote Form
C. Reference Form and Reference Check Release Statement
D. Contractor Affidavit
E. Insurance Requirements
Thank you for your interest in doing business with DeKalb County.
Angel Frazier
Procurement Agent
Department of Purchasing and Contracting
Attachments A, B, C, D and E
Angel Frazier
Digitally signed by Angel
Date: 2020.01.21
14:53:52 -05'00'
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Attachment A
A. Purpose:
DeKalb County seeks professional services to create a digital library and
records system for all conditions of zoning as part of the existing Geographic
Information System (GIS) parcel layer. Conditions of zoning are the final
conditions approved by the Board of Commissioners (BOC) for rezoning, Special
Land Use Permits (SLUP), and major modifications but may also include
approved site plans and approved conceptual elevations.
B. Objective:
The objective is to create a digital library whereby every unique case with
zoning conditions is available in complete PDF format (including conditions, vote
and exhibits), with a file label that the County GIS team can map to the official
zoning map and indexed in a way that is efficiently maintained and updated. In
addition, the vendor will prepare a work flow for the maintenance and upkeep of
that index, linked to the land management software which is the permitting
software “Infor” (previously known as Hansen 8). The files will be housed on a
web-based directory for interactive access through the public portal of the County
GIS parcel map.
C. Status of Existing Database:
Around 2,600 case numbers comprise the existing geo-database of all
zoning/SLUP cases found on the official County zoning map layer in GIS.
However, some of the fields may have two (2) or three (3) cases for any given
unique parcel identification number (PIN). Part of the scope includes separating
out these labels to create individual fields for each case and for each associated
All County BOC meeting minutes for zoning decisions exist in some
electronic form as indicated below:
1. From 2002 to date: Many zoning decisions are available as a PDF online via
the “Legistar” software which provides public access to BOC meeting minutes
and agenda records; however, not all of these are complete so review of the
records is necessary.
2. The permitting system (“Infor” or “Hansen”) has PDFs as attachments
associated with the application case number. These are complete for 2018 -
2019 but only intermittent for years 2014 to 2018 (i.e. not all approved cases
have all the conditions and exhibits uploaded as a PDF).
3. The current Planning Division has a library of several hundred PDFs on an
internal drive called “zoning conditions archives”.
4. The Clerk’s office has older records of minutes in a searchable, viewer
software that may require manual conversion to PDF.
Hard copies of minutes that include conditions of zoning and/or SLUP are
held in the Clerk’s Office and may need to be digitized if a digital record is not
found through the above methods.
Additionally, there are zoning conditions for various cases from 2015 to 2019
in the Plandata site under Zoning/Rezoning/BOC Conditions.
Starting with the March 2019 zoning hearings, the Clerk and the current
Planning Division of the DeKalb County Planning and Sustainability Department
have established a process whereby the ordinance that documents a rezoning or
SLUP approval includes the signatures, all the conditions and all the exhibits
attached to the conditions. It will be this document that is uploaded into the
Legistar software for public access.
D. Project Tasks:
1. Contractor shall conduct kick-off meeting with County’s assigned Project
Manager to establish milestone schedule and management plan of tasks and
deliverable format, including a data transfer protocol and naming convention
2. County will provide access to all existing digital documents and provide
contacts for Clerk staff to provide access to historic digital minutes and hard-
copy files.
3. Contractor shall inventory and index all readily available digital copies,
rename all of the files to follow naming convention and review them to
identify gaps (specifically if conditioned to a site plan, elevation drawings or
other exhibits, ensure that the file includes those; if not these will need to be
requested from Clerk and/or archives and scanned and integrated into the PDF
case file).
4. Unless otherwise directed, the index will be developed in Excel for use in
converting to geo-database.
5. Contractor shall create a “conditions library” on a web location as directed by
the GIS department and save complete PDFs there and identify gaps for next
phase of building library. It is estimated that there are approximately 12,000
pages of documents that will need to be scanned, which may include various
sizes (11 by 17 inches, 24 by 36 inches, 8.5 by 11 inches).
6. Contractor shall work with Clerk staff to access hard copies as needed and
shall image historical documents.
7. Contractor shall assign index data to each image.
8. Contractor shall review all scanned images and verify quality/accuracy of
final product.
9. Contractor shall flag and provide reports on images that are of poor image
quality and the reason for the poor quality.
10. A report containing the following information for all indexed files shall be
provided to the County:
a. Document type name
b. Number of documents and images contained in media
c. Date media processed
11. Name of output media County will review a sample of scanned images for
quality/accuracy of the final product.
12. A list of all indexing/mapping problems and/or issues shall be documented in
detail and provided to the County.
13. Contractor shall work with County staff and other designated partners to
prepare written documentation of Standard Operating Procedures for
continued maintenance of importing scanned images into the County’s
document management system.
14. All work shall be done on site.
E. Project Deliverables:
1. GIS PARCEL MAP FUNCTIONALITY: Properties on GIS map with zoning
or SLUP file numbers can be accessed by user and any zoning/SLUP
conditions, approved site plans and elevations, and final staff report can be
seen by user.
a. GIS will establish a web page (file folder) location for all the PDFs to
reside (the “library”).
b. Current Planning/Vendor prepare the Excel (geo-database) of the master
Index of all cases that have a PDF of conditions which will include the
PIN, case number and an index number.
c. GIS creates the link(s), refresh the links and QCs the updated inventory.
i. Current Planning continues to update GIS layer with the zoning
district and case number.
ii. Current Planning will populate the library with PDF files and
update the Master Index (geo-database) Excel sheet. Ideally this is
generated out of Infor/Hansen one day.
iii. GIS will both make updated GIS layer “live” AND activate a link
to the new zoning case number and the updated Excel sheet.
iv. Need a work flow/SOP documentation of this with responsible
staff names and manager/supervisor approval.
3. MASTER CONDITIONS INDEX: List of all pdf files which correspond to
zoning/SLUP files and parcel numbers.
(one case to many parcels)
Parcel #s
18 007 01 010
18 007 01 011
18 007 01 010
18 007 01 011
4. Master “pdf” files folder/library which is where the zoning conditions/staff
reports are actually saved to.
5. Workflow created by Contractor for maintaining index of future zoning/SLUP
conditions so that those can be accessed via GIS map.
6. INFOR FUNCTIONALITY: INFOR limited to cases generated since 2002
and not all since 2002 include conditions. Goal is to create a field in INFOR
so that prior case numbers tracked by connection to PIN numbers (as legacy
records). This helps internal users not comfortable with GIS map to open up
parcel and see information about a case. Then user can send customer to a
kiosk to click on the Web parcel map and click and print or email to
themselves their conditions.
F. Qualification Requirements:
Evidence of the following must be submitted with bid:
1. Detailed description of completion of similar projects is required including
number of years of experience. A minimum of three (3) similar projects
involving all the tasks in the Project Tasks and Project Deliverables is
required to be demonstrated.
2. Detailed description indicating the vendor’s understanding of zoning
conditions and their expertise at managing projects involving zoning
conditions. A minimum of five (5) years of experience working with
Government agencies is required to be demonstrated.
3. Detailed description indicating the vendor’s understanding and experience
with inventorying of documents and creating an index is required.
Documentation of at least three similar projects involving inventory and
creating an index is required.
4. A minimum of three (3) references (using Attachment C, Reference and
Release Form) shall be provided which can confirm that the bidder has
experience with similar projects as outlined in the Project Tasks and Project
5. A copy of its current, valid business license with its bid. Georgia companies
are to submit a valid county or city business license. Contractors that are not
Georgia companies are to provide a certificate of authority to transact business
in the State of Georgia and a copy of a valid business license issued by its
home jurisdiction.
G. Contract Award:
1. RFQs submitted will be evaluated and recommended for award to the lowest,
responsive, and responsible Bidder(s).
2. The intent of this RFQ is to make an all-award; however, the County reserves
the right to make multiple awards, whichever is in the best interest of DeKalb
3. The County reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive informalities,
and to re-advertise.
4. The judgment of DeKalb County Purchasing and Contracting on matters, as
stated above, shall be final.
H. General Terms and Conditions:
1. The Bidder’s services shall include all things, personnel, and materials
necessary to provide the goods or services that are in compliance with the
specifications as authorized by the County and provided herein.
2. Delivery of services or goods shall commence within ten (10) days of Notice
to Proceed.
3. The apparent silence of these specifications and any supplemental
specifications as to any details, or the omission from it or a detailed
description concerning any point, shall be regarded as meaning that only the
best commercial practices are to prevail and that only materials of first quality
and correct type, size, and design are to be used. All workmanship shall be
first quality. All interpretations of this specification shall be made upon the
basis of this statement, with County interpretation to prevail.
I. Proposed Project Schedule:
The anticipated Project Schedule, based on mutual agreement to refine for
specific dates, is as follows:
Month 1: Project kick-off and delivery of existing digital inputs.
Month 1 to 3: Project execution and draft Standard Operating Procedures for
Month 3 to 5: County review and quality assurance/control.
Month 5 to 6: Final revisions, corrections and additional scanning, indexing and
uploading, and project close-out.
Attachment B
Quoter Information:
Company Name:
Company Address:
Quoter Name and Title:
Phone Number:
Quoter Email Address:
Item Description
Total Price
LUMP SUM pricing inclusive of all personnel, labor and expertise
necessary to effect the identified Project Tasks and Project
Deliverables as outlined in the Scope of Services
Quote Statement:
I, the undersigned, certify that this quote is made without prior understanding, agreement or
connection with any corporation, firm, or person submitting a quote for the same materials,
supplies, equipment, or services, and is in all respect fair and without collusion or fraud. I agree
to abide by all conditions of this quote and certify that I am authorized to sign this quote for the
______________________________ ___________________________
Authorized Signature Date
Name of Authorized Signer (Typed or Printed)
Name of Quoter (Typed or Printed)
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Attachment C
List below at least three (3) references, including company name, contract period,
contact name, email address, telephone numbers and project name of individuals
who can verify your experience and ability to perform the type of services listed
in the solicitation.
Company Name
Contract Period
Contact Person Name and Title
Telephone Number (include area code)
Complete Primary Address
Zip Code
Email Address
Fax Number (include area code)
Project Name
Company Name
Contract Period
Contact Person Name and Title
Telephone Number (include area code)
Complete Primary Address
Zip Code
Email Address
Fax Number (include area code)
Project Name
Company Name
Contract Period
Contact Person Name and Title
Telephone Number (include area code)
Complete Primary Address
Zip Code
Email Address
Fax Number (include area code)
Project Name
You are authorized to contact the references provided above for purposes of this RFQ.
Signed_______________________________________ Title____________________
Company Name ______________________________ Date ____________________
Attachment D
By executing this affidavit, the undersigned verifies its compliance with O.C.G.A. § 13-
10-91, as amended, stating affirmatively that the bidder submitting a bid, contractor, firm or
corporation which is contracting with DEKALB COUNTY, GA, a political subdivision of the
State of Georgia, has registered with and is participating in a federal work authorization program*
[any of the electronic verification of work authorization programs operated by the United States
Department of Homeland Security or any equivalent federal work authorization program operated
by the United States Department of Homeland Security to verify information of newly hired
employees, pursuant to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), P.L. 99-603, in
accordance with the applicability provisions and deadlines established in O.C.G.A. § 13-10-91, as
amended]. The affiant agrees to continue to use the federal work authorization program
throughout the contract period.
The undersigned further agrees that, should it employ or contract with any
subcontractor(s) in connection with the physical performance of services pursuant to this contract
with the COUNTY, contractor will secure from such subcontractor(s) similar verification of
compliance with O.C.G.A. § 13-10-91, as amended, on the Subcontractor Affidavit form.
Contractor further agrees to maintain records of such compliance and provide a copy of each such
verification to the COUNTY, within five (5) days from when the subcontractor(s) is retained to
perform such service.
______________ _______________________
BY: Authorized Officer or Agent Federal Work Authorization
Enrollment Date
________________________________________ ________________________
Title of Authorized Officer or Agent of Bidder Identification Number
Printed Name of Authorized Officer or Agent
Company Name & Address (do not include a post office box)
_______________ DAY OF _______________________, 20__
Notary Public
My Commission Expires: _______________________________
Attachment E
1. If the County sends to you notice of award on this quote, take this form to your insurance
agent as this form contains requirements that may be non-standard in the insurance
2. Instruct your insurance agent that the County’s requirements are listed in Section III, and
that you must comply with these requirements before you may proceed with the work.
3. Before the starting of any work, the successful contractor must furnish to DeKalb County
certificates of insurance from companies doing business in Georgia and acceptable to the
County as follows:
1. Certificates must cover:
Statutory Workers Compensation
(1) Employer’s liability insurance by accident, each accident
(2) Employer’s liability insurance by disease, policy limit
(3) Employer’s liability insurance by disease, each employee
Business Auto Liability Insurance with a minimum $500,000
Combined Single Limit/Each Occurrence (Including operation of non-
owned, owned, and hired automobiles).
Commercial General Liability Insurance
(1) Each Occurrence - $1,000,000
(2) Fire Damage - $250,000
(3) Medical Expense - $10,000
(4) Personal & Advertising Injury - $1,000,000
(5) General Aggregate - $2,000,000
(6) Products & Completed Operations - $1,500,000
(7) Contractual Liability where applicable
2. DeKalb County, GA shall be named as Additional Insured under any General
Liability, Business Auto and Umbrella Policies. Coverage shall apply as
Primary and non-contributory with Waiver of Subrogation in favor of DeKalb
County, Georgia. Such additional insured coverage shall be endorsed to
Contractor’s policy by attachment of ISO Additional Insured Endorsement
forms CG 20 10 10 01 (ongoing operations) and CG 20 37 10 01 (products-
completed operations), or form(s) providing equivalent coverage.
3. This insurance for the County as the additional insured shall be as broad as the
coverage provided for the named-insured Contractor. It shall apply as primary
insurance before any other insurance or self-insurance, including any
deductible, non-contributory, and waiver of subrogation provided to the
County as the additional insured.
4. Contractor agrees to waive all rights of subrogation and other rights of
recovery against the County and its elected officials, officers, employees or
agents, and shall cause each Subcontractor to waive all rights of subrogation
for all coverages.
5. Certificates shall state that the policy or policies shall not expire, be cancelled
or altered without at least sixty (60) days prior written notice to the County.
6. Contractor understands and agrees that the purchase of insurance in no way
limits the liability of the Contractor.
7. The insurance carrier must have a minimum A.M. Best rating of not less than
“A” (Excellent) with a Financial Size Category of VII or better.
8. Certificates to contain policy number, policy limits and policy expiration date
of all policies issued in accordance with this contract.
9. Certificates to contain the location and operations to which the insurance
10. Certificates to contain successful contractor’s protective coverage for any
subcontractor’s operations. If this coverage is included in General Liability,
please indicate on the Certificate of Insurance.
11. Certificates to contain successful contractor’s contractual insurance coverage.
If this coverage is included in the General Liability, please indicate this on the
Certificate of Insurance.
12. The successful contractor shall be wholly responsible for securing
certificates of insurance coverage as set forth above from all
subcontractors who are engaged in this work.
13. Certificates shall be issued and delivered to the County and must identify the
“Certificate Holder” as follows:
DeKalb County, Georgia
Director of Purchasing
and Contracting
1300 Commerce Drive, 2nd Floor
Decatur, Georgia 30030