artment of Public Works - Leak Adjustment Request
I hereby request the City of Winooski Water Resources Department to adjust
the water/sewer bill at the following location:
Property Owner Information
Name of Property Owner ________________________________________
Account Number: ________________________________________
Mailing Address __________________________________________________
Phone ______________________ Email ___________________________
Date leak discovered: ____________ Date Leak Repaired: ________________
(please attach a copies of any supporting documents)
To attest by signature, to the best of my knowledge, that the Information provided Is correct,
true and complete.
Property Owner Signature
: _____________________ Date_______________
Action Taken on Request
Utility Manager Signature
: _______________________________ Date_____________
Finance Director Signature
: _______________________________Date_____________
City of Winooski Leak Adjustment Policy
The purpose of this policy is to provide a basis for The City of Winooski to adjust high bills
caused by leaks causing abnormally high-water usage in water lines or equipment on
customers’ property that the customer could not reasonably have known about with normal
diligence. The reason for providing a policy for reducing these bills is to relieve possible
financial hardship on residents and businesses. (Abnormally high-water usage is defined for
the purposes of this policy as double the consumption over normal use)
Threshold Considerations
The Utility Manager shall not consider or approve any adjustment to water or sewer bills
unless an actual physical leak caused the abnormally high-water usage for which an
adjustment in the bill is requested, and the leak is located, documented, and repaired. Leak
adjustments to water and sewer bills will be considered when all of the following threshold
conditions have been met:
Water use volume is double or greater than normal use, or the previous full billing
period if no history exists. (Normal use is defined for the purposes of this policy as
the average of the previous 8 quarters usage history)
Customer requests adjustment in writing to the Utility Manager not less than five
(5) business days prior to due date. (e.g. If due date is Friday September 28th
then request must be into City Hall or the Utility Manager on or before Friday
September 21st). This request must state the nature of the leak, be accompanied
by documentary evidence that repairs have been performed (e.g., itemized
receipt for repair materials if purchased), and attested by signature of the
customer. When a plumber performs the repair work, the customer must provide
a billing invoice from the plumber stating the nature of the leak; the repairs
performed, and itemized receipts for repair materials.
• Customer has not received an adjustment within the last 48 months.
• Adjustments will be for residential and commercial customers only.
Bills will be adjusted in the following manner:
1. Adjustments will be limited to one quarter billing period.
2. Water adjustment:
The usage over average consumption will be billed based on the City’s wholesale purchase rate
from Champlain Water District as outlined below. The historic average consumption will be
billed based on the Winooski retail rate.
a. Calculate average quarterly occupied usage _________ /1000cf (previous 8 quarters)
b. High usage quarterly consumption – average quarterly consumption = ____________
c. From (b.) above ________ x current CWD wholesale rate __________ = $________
d. Avg. quarterly usage ________ x current retail rate _________ = $________
Total Adjustment = billed amount _________ - sum of c. & d. ______ = $___________
2. Sewer adjustment
If the leakage occurred from an underground, subterranean leak between a meter pit and
the premises: (Water lines in crawl spaces and other hidden areas within a premise shall
be construed as leakage within their premises even though a customer may not be
aware of a leak This includes lines exiting the principle building after the meter.)
a. If leak is shown not to have entered the sewer system, the sewer charge will
be waived for that portion above the highest use in the previous eight (8)
quarters usage history.
3. If the leakage occurred within the premises:
a. If leak can be verified as not having entered the sewer system, the sewer
charge will be waived for portion above the highest use in the previous eight
(8) quarters usage history.
4. The determination of whether an adjustment is granted shall be made by the Utility
Manager, in conformance with this policy. The adjustment will be turned over to the
Finance Director's office for adjustment and notification to the property owner.