Doc # 478648
Page 1 of 1 Sheet PS-04.1H
Building demolition or removal
Information to be provided (in conjunction with BA Form 2)
Version: 5
Date: December 2019
Code: PS-04.1H
Refer to: Information sheet IS-106 Demolition
Project location:
Description of work:
Complete for all projects involving demolition of significant parts of buildings or the demolition or removal of
whole buildings.
Applicant checklist Site plan
Provide boundary dimensions, north point & legal description.
Show physical location of all buildings.
Identify building(s) to be demolished or removed.
Identify termination of services (water, stormwater, and sewer), capped and sealed inside
Identify safety barrier positions.
Identify vehicle access / entry points.
Applicant checklist Specifications
Provide type & size of barriers and fences.
Provide details of protection of neighbouring property that could be affected.
Provide details of assessment for hazardous materials that require removal, including handling
& disposal methods.
Provide proposed method of demolition / removal.
Applicant checklist Details about the building such as
Number of storeys, type of materials the building is constructed of
Applicant checklist Building removal
Proposed site of relocation of building
Building consent number for its new siting
Address and building consent number:
Proposed tipping location of demolition materials:
Services consent for capping services:
Note: For compliance in respect to the above refer to: NZBC Clause F5 and AS1 (MBIE) and Approved Code of Practice for Demolition
(Worksafe NZ).
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