Delegation of Authority FAST
Delegation of Authority
Geographic Area
Fire & Aviation Safety Team (FAST)
Situation Summary (Issues and Concerns/Reason for ordering the FAST)
Objectives (Measurable)
Team Skills Required (per objectives listed above)
The final team composition will be determined at time of dispatch and members named on the
resource order.
The FAST is to conduct an independent assessment and evaluation of operational and managerial
activities (related to the specific objectives stated above) at the following locations (mission
The team may determine visits to other incidents/organizations/operations as appropriate, and
may do so after coordination with the GMAC. The FAST will contact the GMAC Coordinator
(describe frequency of contact):
The FAST is to provide technical or managerial assistance when requested and where necessary
to immediately correct an identified, critical problem. The FAST may also provide short-term
assistance in managing situations or incidents when requested by the incident, organization, or
The FAST will organize and conduct an entry briefing with the appropriate managers of the
locations/incidents identified previously. The entry briefing will provide the objectives and
operational parameters of the mission.
Release Date: January 2021 1
Once the mission segment is completed, the FAST will organize and conduct an exit briefing
with the same officials or their designees, during which a draft of the mission-segment report
will be presented and discussed. Components of this report will include:
Purpose and Objectives
Findings, Commendations, and Recommendations
Follow-up Actions Needed
Scope (local,
Copy of the D
elegation of Authority
The FAST will contact the GMAC Coordinator .
FAST will provide a final written report to the GMAC Coordinator upon completion of all
mission segments. This report will include:
FAST Final Report Outline
Executive Summary
Purpose and Objectives
Summary (Findings, Recommendations, Commendations, Assistance Provided)
Critical and Immediate Follow-up Actions Required
Methods and Procedures
Mission Segments (Summary of Incidents, Organizations, Operations Reviewed. Include
copies of Mission Segment Reports).
Findings and Trends, Commendations, and Recommendations
Follow-up Actions Needed
Scope (local, area, national)
Multi-Agency Coordination Group hereby charters
, FAST Leader,
A copy of the Delegation of Authority
and delegates the preceding authority to
effective on
Chair, Coordinating Group
2 Release Date: January 2021