Delegation for Unit Fire Management Officers
, Fire Management Officer for
the (Unit) is delegated authority to
act on my behalf for the following duties and actions:
1. Represent the (Agency) in the Multi-Agency
Coordinating Group in setting priorities and allocating resources for fire emergencies.
2. Coordinate all prescribed fire activities in the (Unit) and suspending all
prescribed fire and issuance of burning permits when conditions warrant.
3. Ensure that only fully qualified personnel are used in wildland fire operations.
4. Coordinate, preposition, send, and order fire and aviation resources in response to current and
anticipated zone fire conditions.
5. Oversee and coordinate the Interagency Dispatch Center on behalf of
the (Agency).
6. Request and oversee distribution of severity funding for Unit Fire and Aviation.
7. Approve Fire Program requests of overtime, hazard pay, and other premium pay.
8. Ensure all incidents are managed in a safe and cost-effective manner.
9. Coordinate and provide all fire and prevention information needs to inform internal and
external costumers with necessary information.
10. Coordinate all fire funding accounts with the Budget Officer to assure unit fiscal guidelines
are adhered to and targets are met.
11. Approve and sign aviation request forms.
12. Approve Red Cards in accordance with agency policy.
13. Authorized to hire Emergency Firefighters in accordance with the Emergency Worker Pay
Fire Management Officer Date
Agency Administrator Date
Release Date: January 2021 1