Delaware Department of Transportation Materials & Research
(302) 760-2400
Pavement Core / Design Request Form:
Email all requests to:
Copy Planning:
Provide a minimum of 30 days for completion of requests.
Core operations are dependent on weather, during seasons of inclement weather (freezing temperatures, rain,
snow, etc.) the time for completion may be longer than 30 days.
Requests must include the following information:
-Subdivision/Entrance Name ___________________________________________
-Road Name(s) ________________________________________
-County ________________
-Requestor __________________________________
-Requestor Contact Information: Email _____________________________________
Phone _________________________________
-Description of the purpose of the investigation, for example:
Reuse Existing Shoulder as Turn Lane
Reuse Existing Shoulder as Through Lane
Verify existing lane will hold increased traffic
Reuse existing turn lane as through lane
Verify existing turn lane suitable for new traffic movements
-Site traffic __________________________
Aerial Map of location showing limits and areas in question
Construction Plans (if available)
Last Updated May 29, 2018
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