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DelDOT Permit Application
Property Owner's Name: Date:
Mailing Address:
Zip Code
Cell No.:
E-mail Address:
Telephone No.:
Fax No.:
Tax Map/ Parcel I.D.
(NCC Ex: 0000000000
; KC Ex: 0-00-000.00-00-00.00; SC Ex: 000-0.000-0.00)
Applicant Name: Point of Contact (Name):
Mailing Address:
Zip Code
Telephone No.:
Fax No.:
E-mail Address:
Proposed/Existing entrance/project location (
Mailing Address, Road Name, or Road Number):
Nearest intersecting road (Name):
Distance from entrance/project to nearest intersecting road:
Subdivision Name (if applicable):
Lot Number(s):
Existing and proposed entrance location shall be physically staked in field with property owner’s name, as
a condition of this application. Date when stakes will be placed at entrance:
If stakes are not in place, a permit will NOT
be issued. mm/dd/yyyy
Are you requesting a permit for an existing entrance or a proposed entrance? Existing or Proposed
(Check one)
If applying for a permit for
existing entrance:
* Will you be modifying or relocating the existing entrance? Yes No
If yes (explain):
* Was the existing entrance constructed within the past three years? Yes No
Proposed site/right-of-way modifications (check all that apply): Single Family Dwelling ;
Mobile Home ; ECHO Unit ; Building Addition ; Outbuilding Construction ;
Chicken House ; Farm Entrance ; Additional Entrance ; Entrance Widening ;
Entrance Relocation ; Other (Please describe) ; Roadside Stand (From): (To):
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DelDOT Permit Application
For Commercial Entrances and Permit Applications Only:
Prior use of property (describe the type of business previously operating on the property and the name
of the business):
Proposed use of property (describe the type of business operation proposed on the property and the
name of the business):
Present square footage of each building (facility):
Proposed square footage of each building (facility):
Number of Customers
(daily average):
Number of Em
(daily average):
Average Daily Traffic (ADT) of entrance(s):
Off street parking spaces (required b
y local code): A) Total vehicles entering daily:
B) Total vehicles exiting daily:
Required: Provided: Total A + Total B = daily ADT:
Federal Tax I.D. No. :
(For Escrow Deposits ONLY)
For Internal Use by DelDOT Public Works Office Only:
Permit type: Residential Commercial Safety Other
Internal Notes:
New Castle County:
Public Works Engineer
DelDOT Canal District
Bear-Christiana Road
Bear, DE 19701
(302) 326-4679
Kent County:
Public Works Engineer
DelDOT Central District
930 Public Safety Blvd.
Dover, DE 19901
(302) 760-2433
Sussex County:
Public Works Engineer
DelDOT South District
23697 DuPont Boulevard
Georgetown, DE 19947
(302) 853-1340
Re-use of existing Commer cial Entrance(s) requires a
Letter of No Contention. Pl ease e-mail a completed copy
of this form to subdivision
@ with your request.