Degree with Designation
(STAA) Course Exception
Degree with Designation Course Exception Guidelines:
Students pursuing a Degree with Designation (Statewide Articulation Agreement-STAA) may seek to have an
exception made to the course requirements for the degree. The process to request the exception is:
1. Student seeks approval from the four-year institution where they plan to transfer upon graduation from ACC
2. Student returns the completed form to the ACC Graduation Coordinator ( no later
than the last day of the ACC semester in which the student intends to graduate from ACC.
3. Student should retain a copy of the completed form for their records.
Student Information:
Student N
ame Student ID:
Student Email:
ACC Degree Program: ACC Graduation Term/Year:
Four-Year Institution Information:
Institution Name: Institution Degree Program:
Institution Staff Member:
Institution Contact Information:
Course Information:
Section 1: The following is required for the DwD/STAA:
DwD Category
Course ID
Course Title
Section 2: Student would like to take the following course(s) instead:
DwD Category
Course ID
Course Title
Four-Year Institution Approval:
By signing below, I agree that the Four-Year Institution listed above will accept the course(s) and credits identified
above in Section 2 in transfer and those courses and credits will be applied to the Four-Year Institution Degree
Program listed above, just as the courses and credits in Section 1 would have applied.
Four-Year Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ____________
Student Acknowledgement:
By submitting this form to ACC, the student acknowledges that only courses completed with a grade ofC- or better
will be accepted by the four-year institution. This agreement applies only to the four-year institution, degrees,
courses, and credits identified above. Should the student decide to pursue a different four-year institution
and / or four-year degree, this agreement is no longer valid.
It is the student’s responsibility to provide a copy of this form to the four-year institution upon admission and retain the
until graduation from the four-year institution. All of the other guarantees and limitations of the Statewide
Articulation Agreement apply.
Updated 11.16.2018
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