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NQF Qualification Assessment
Working with children over preschool age
Applicant Declaration and Consent Form
Declaration and Consent
Applicant declaration and consent
Please tick each clause below and sign the declaration in the presence of the witness. The witness must be one of the
persons authorised to certify documents outlined in the application form.
I, (the applicant) declare that:
I understand that providing false or misleading information is an offence and all the information I have
provided is true and correct. If an authorised representative has assisted me, I declare I have not
provided false or misleading information to the representative for preparation of this application.
I have checked the approved qualifications list and/or qualifications checker on the ACECQA website
and determined that I do not hold an approved qualification.
I authorise ACECQA to make enquiries to third parties in order to verify and assess my qualifications.
I understand that my assessment will take up to 60 days from the date I provide all the information
required by ACECQA.
I understand that if additional information is requested and is not provided within the requested
timeframe, ACECQA may close my application and I will not be entitled to a refund.
If I have provided anyone else’s personal information, I confirm that it is with their consent.
I will inform ACECQA of any changes to my circumstances (e.g. change of contact details) while my
application is being processed.
I have read and understood ACECQA’s privacy policy.
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Signature of Date
Day Month Year
Signature of Date
Authorised witness name
Authorised witness occupation
or JP number
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