Date: ____________________________
Dear Sirs,
I declare that Mr/Mrs/Miss ___________________________________________________________________________________
whose occupation or employer is ______________________________________________________________________________
has been known to me for the past ___________________________________ years/months.
He/She is desirous of opening an account and / or renewing banking relations with your Society. To the best of my knowledge,
information and belief, he/she is of good character and in all respects a fit and proper person to conduct business with your
_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________
Signature of Member / Applicant Date
Yours faithfully,
_____________________________________________ ______________________________________________
(Signature of Referee) (Telephone Number of Referee)
(Name of Referee)
Address of Referee
(Occupation of Referee)
VMBS Account No. of Referee (if any) Referee to place Stamp or Seal of Office above
I am
Applicant’s Employer
Solicitor / Attorney at Law*
Permanent staff of VM Group
School Principal / University Lecturer
Commissioner of Oaths / Notary Public
Director of a company within VM Group
Medical Doctor
Minister of Religion
Existing Account Holder*
Army Officer (Major and above)*
Police Officer (Inspector and above)*
Consular Officer High Commission
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Manager / Senior Officer of a Regulated Financial Institution*
Manager Credit Union registered with the JCCUL* *See conditions overleaf
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Customer Guide
1. This form should be completed by customers residing outside of Jamaica.
2. The form should not be dated more than six months when presenting to your VM Representative or Branch.
3. The Referee must affix his / her stamp or seal of office on the form.
4. The Referee category of Attorney- at-Law includes the following persons:
Resident Magistrate (RM)
Chief Justice
Justice of the Peace (for UK residents)
5. For Members of the JDF , the following ranks are above the rank of Major / Lt. Commander:
Navy / Coast Guard
Major General
Rear Admiral
Captain (Naval)
Lieutenant Colonel
Commander (Naval)
6. For members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the following ranks are above the rank of Inspector:
Commissioner (CP)
Superintendent (SP)
Deputy Commissioner (DCP)
Deputy Superintendent (DSP)
Assistant Commissioner (ACP)
Assistant Superintendent (ASP)
Senior Superintendent (SSP)
7. The Referee category of Manager / Senior Officer of a Regulated Financial Institution includes the following:
Building Societies
Commercial banks
Insurance companies
Stock Brokerage firms
Security Dealers
Investment houses
8. For the Referee category of Manager - Credit Union registered with the JCCUL, JCCUL refers to the Jamaica Cooperative Credit
Union League.
9. For UK customers only, nurses may complete the form. The form must however bear the stamp /seal of the medical facility.
10. Existing account holders must be members of the Society for more than one year with active accounts and fully updated
member information records.