Student Resource Scheme
2021 Parent Information
Dear Parents/Guardians,
This letter contains important information about the 2021 Student Resource Scheme including how the scheme
operates and the annual participation fee.
The Queensland Government supports children’s education by providing funding for:
Instruction, e.g. teachers
Facilities, e.g. buildings, amenities, furniture
Administration, e.g. staff and resources to administer the operations of the college.
Funding does not extend to individual student resources such as textbooks, computer or musical equipment for
personal use, and many items used/consumed by the student in the classroom. Supply of these items is the
responsibility of parents.
The scheme ensures that students have the resources required for them to engage with the curriculum for their
education, and saves parents time and money in sourcing the prescribed materials elsewhere. Savings are gained
through the school’s bulk purchasing practices and hiring arrangements.
The scheme will supply students with access to:
Student Identification Card
Textbooks for each subject
Class sets of general reading books including prescribed novels
Administration of the scheme
Equipment hire digital cameras (still/video), audio visual equipment, a wide range of industry standard
Use of equipment, consumable materials and photocopies for a range of subjects across all year levels
A personal printing and photocopying allowance of 100 pages
Printed worksheets/handouts/notes and equipment prepared by teachers
Audio and video recordings
Materials for subjects where the instruction is extended through providing practical learning experiences in
excess of materials provided by school grants
Software site licences for school and home use
The following items are NOT covered by the Student Resource Scheme:
Laptops/iPads Elective Subjects/Excellence Program Levies
Stationery College Yearbook and College Photos
College activities and non-curricular events for example; excursions, camps, cluster sport, Year 12 formal and
jerseys. Individual payments can be made for these activities as they occur.
SRS FEES FOR 2021 YEAR 7-8 $255 YEAR 9-10 $275 YEAR 11-12 $295
Some elective subjects and Academy Programs will incur an additional levy that is not covered by the Student
Resource Scheme. These must be paid in full prior to being placed in a class.
As per the college’s Finance Policy, should your account fall into arrears, students will not be permitted to attend
extracurricular activities such as excursions, recreational sport, camps, formals, Year 12 jackets/jerseys etc. and
access will be restricted for all devices. Parents/carers will be notified should their account fall into arrears. If after
appropriate notification, payment is not received, the matter will be sent to The Department of Education debt
collection agency.
If a parent has opted out of the scheme the parent is required to provide the educational resources listed in the SRS
(available on request) for their child by the start of the school year.
Student Resource Scheme
2021 Parent Information
Payment Advice Information
Student Details
Year Level in 2021
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12
Last Name
First Name
Payment Method
BPOINT Pay using your Visa or MasterCard online or over the phone 1300 631 073
Centrepay Pay via Centrelink deduction Our CRN is: 555-098-960B. Account number is child’s name
Direct Debit Pay via Direct Debit. Please complete and return a Direct Debit Plan Application (eDDR) form.
Internet Transfer
Account Name: Pimpama State Secondary College
BSB: 064-793
Account Number: 1002 7855
Reference: Student Last Name, First Initial name along with the characters SRS, e.g. Smith J SRS.
In-person Pay in-person at the college’s finance window on Wed and Fri 8:00am – 10:30am
I agree to make payments by the due dates over 3 instalments (see college payment calendar) and I understand that failure to
make payments by these dates may result in debt recovery action being undertaken. I understand my child will not be permitted
to participate in extra-curricular school activities if my payment arrangement falls in arrears.
Parents are reminded to complete and return the SRS Participation Agreement Form when joining the scheme for the
first time or opting in/out during the student’s enrolment.
Have you completed and returned the SRS Participation Agreement Form?
Please note if you choose to opt out of the SRS, you are still required to complete and return the Participation
Agreement Form.
Parent / Guardian Acceptance
I acknowledge this information regarding the Student Resource Scheme and agree to the above payment selection, until such
point as I inform the college otherwise.
The Textbook and Resource Allowance
The Department of Education provides a Textbook and Resource Allowance (TRA) to assist parents with the cost of
textbooks and other education resources for eligible Years 7 to 12 students. For those students who are eligible to
receive the TRA, the TRA will be applied to reduce the cost of participation in the SRS. Information on the TRA can
be found on the department’s website (https://education.qld.gov.au/about-us/budgets-funding-grants/grants/parents-
Please note that the 2021 rates will be published at the commencement of each year.
Year level
2020 TRA Rate
Years 7 to 10
Years 11 to 12
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