Dear MVCC Student,
I’m happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for the SUNY Empire State Diversity Honors
Scholarship. The State University of New York offers this scholarship to continue its commitment to enrolling
and retaining a diverse student body that reflects the population of the State of New York.
Eligible students must be enrolled in a degree program and have demonstrated high academic achievement (3.0
average). Students may be full or part time. They must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and a New York
State resident. Eligible students must contribute to the diversity of the student body in their program or MVCC,
“primarily overcoming a disadvantage or other impediment to success in higher education.” (SUNY Guidelines)
Your application packet must include:
A completed and signed application form that is attached.
A letter of recommendation from a Guidance Counselor, Advisor, Teacher, Coach, etc.
A copy of your high school or MVCC Transcript (may be unofficial).
A 500 word minimum essay on how you contribute to the diversity at MVCC.
Diversity Indicators may include, but are not limited to:
o Financial need
o Economic disadvantage
o Disability
o First generation college student
o Adult learner
o Non-English speaking background
o Veteran
o Underrepresented ethnic group
Please note that no single indicator will form the sole basis for the award. Each application will be evaluated on
its own merit. Prior to disbursement of Scholarships, selected students must have applied for TAP and Pell and
may be required to document residency status.
Applications deadline: Friday, March 6, 2020. The application can be dropped off to Dave Yahnke at the
Assessment and Testing Center in Payne Hall (PH 104A).
Best Regards,
Maureen Boufas
SUNY Empire State Diversity Honors Scholarship Chair
Spring 2020 Application
Name: ________________
______________________ M#: _____________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________
Street City State Zip Code
Telephone: (________) ____________________ Email: ____________________________________
If Freshman Student:
High School Final Average: _______
Year Graduated: ________________
High School Attended: _______________________
Location: ______________________________
If Continuing College Student:
Previous Semester GPA: _______
Dates Attended: ________________
College Attended: _______________________
Location: ______________________________
MVCC Information:
Major: ______________________________ (secondary, if any): _______________________________
Clubs/Activities: _____________________________________________________________________
Community Involvement: ______________________________________________________________
Diversity Indicator(s)/background you contribute to MVCC: __________________________________
Residency requirement: U. S. Citizen U. S. Permanent Resident
Are you a New York State resident? Yes or No
Please state your Short Term (next 3 years) personal/career goals: ____________________________________
Please state your Long Term (beyond 3 years) personal/career goals: __________________________________
Attach (please submit only complete applications):
y of High School or College transcript with GPA
Letter of recommendation
500 word essay on how you contribute to the diversity on campus
(For official use only)
nature: __________________________________________________ Date: _________________________
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