May 2020
Dean’s List Application
Saint Mary’s University recognizes students of high academic standing by placing them on the Dean’s list. Assessment for
the Dean’s list is done automatically once per year, on or about May 1. Students who have completed requirements at
another time may apply at the end of each term.
Please Note: Students who have completed 30 credit hours during the academic year (i.e. September to April) and have
achieved a minimum grade point average of 3.70 will be considered automatically.
Systems and Records, Enrolment Services will communicate with you regarding your application using the
preferred email address provided on Self Service Banner. Please ensure your contact information is up to date.
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Full time undergraduates with courses on a Letter of Permission. A provision has been made for students
who had a Letter of Permission authorizing them to enroll at another post-secondary institution in a course(s)
which, when counted with courses taken at Saint Mary’s, totals at least 30 credit hours in one academic year (i.e.
September to April) and which gives the required 3.70 grade point average, to be placed on the Dean’s List.
Undergraduates who have attempted at least 30 credit hours; who have no failing grade(s) in these credits;
who have not counted any of these credits previously for placement on the Dean’s List; and whose grade point
average on these 30 credit hours is at least 3.70, are also eligible for placement on the Dean’s list
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