Data Protocol
In considering the data set, discuss and record your shared thoughts on the following
Question 1
What do we want all students
to know or be able to do?
(Clarify standards and targets of focus)
Question 2
How will we know if students
have mastered the standards of focus?
(Determine proficiency indicators)
Question 3
How will we respond for students
who have not yet learned?
(Discuss interventions)
Question 4
How will we respond for students
who have already demonstrated mastery
or are ready to do more?
(Discuss extension and enrichment)
1. Based on the data, how does data differ classroom to classroom?
(Here’s what …)
2. What are the implications of this information? Which instructional strategies helped students
learn? What skills did the proficient students demonstrate in their work that set their work apart?
(So what?)
3. So what’s the plan?
(Now what? Who? What? When?)
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