Danville Area
Community College
TO: Part-time Faculty
FROM: Office of Instruction
The College pays for Part-time faculty travel if it is necessary to drive
more than 20 miles round trip to teach for DACC, either on campus or at
an extension center. Effective January 1, 2019, for each mile over the
first 20 miles, you are to receive the amount of 58 cents per mile.
If you will be driving farther than 20 miles round trip, please complete
the information below, return it to your Division Dean, and they will
submit the appropriate mileage reimbursement forms to the Payroll
Office. The mileage reimbursement will be paid through payroll and
subject to applicable taxes. You will receive this reimbursement in
your payroll check.
Note: The College pays a maximum of 100 miles round trip, subject to
the 20 mile deductible, for a total of 80 reimbursable miles.
Home Address
Travel From
Distance Round Trip