Danville Area Community College Foundation
Employee Payroll Deduction Authorization
The Danville Area Community College Foundation is pleased to have you join us in support of
programs, services, and student scholarships at DACC. Your contribution will assist us in maintaining
the “margin of excellence” that makes DACC a high quality educational institution. Your level of
participation is not as important as your willingness to participate. Thank you for giving thoughtful
consideration to supporting the DACC Foundation.
I hereby authorize DACC to deduct $__________ per pay period for payment to the Danville Area
Community College Foundation until further notice. I understand that only 24 deductions will be
made each year. These donations should be included in the ________________________________
fund of the Foundation.
___ This is a NEW Pledge payroll deduction
___ This replaces my current payroll deduction
___ This is in additional to my current payroll deduction
____________________________________ _______________________
Donor Signature Required Date
___________________________________ (For DACC payroll department use)
Colleague ID Number
Please complete and sign this form, return the original to the Foundation Office in Vermilion Hall, Room 209. We will make a copy for
our records and forward to the DACC payroll department.
This donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable under law.