Danville Area Community College
Application for Second-Chance Program
Due Dates: Fall – July 15 / Spring – November 15; Turn in to Financial Aid Office
This scholarship program is for those with past-due balances of at least two years at DACC. Acceptance to the program
will allow registration for classes in order to complete a certificate or degree. If the ongoing criteria below are met and a
certificate or degree is completed while in the program, the original past-due balance will then be forgiven.
Program application requirements:
DACC past-due balance of at least two years
Good student conduct standing with the college
Not a previous Second-Chance Program
Complete the FAFSA
Meet with Financial Aid
Submit personal statement (see below)
Ongoing program requirements:
Meet financial obligations of current semesters
Maintain a 2.0 term GPA
Complete 1 Career Counseling session prior to
first semester registration
Meet with an Academic Advisor to establish an
Academic Plan
Complete a degree or certificate within 4 years
Last Name __________________________________ First Name________________________ M.I. ______
Address ____________________________________ P.O. Box ________ Telephone (_____) ___________
City ______________________________ State _______ Zip ______________
E-mail ___________________________________________________ Student ID _____________________
Date of Birth ______ / ______ / ________ Intended major/program__________________________________
Do you intend to transfer to another educational institution after DACC? ________ Yes _______ No
Personal Statement (This must be included for your application to be considered.) Please attach a personal
statement including, but not limited to, the following information:
Major/career aspirations and why you have chosen your particular field
Resources for support – are you self-supporting? Employed?
How you will meet current financial obligations if you are accepted into the program
A description of the circumstances that negatively affected your academic performance or financial
situation while at DACC and solutions you have or will implement to overcome those barriers
Any other relevant information that may be helpful to the Second-Chance Program Committee
I attest that all of the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I agree to report any factors that
may affect my application such as a change in major, change in financial status, etc. I also give the committee permission
to review/access my academic records for the purpose of program acceptance. I further understand that failure to provide
true and complete information could mean disqualification from the Second-Chance Program.
_______________________________________________ ______________
Applicant's Signature Date
Please return to Financial Aid by July 15 for Fall or by November 15 for Spring
For questions call the Financial Aid Office at 217-443-8891