Dakota College at Bottineau
Students who were under academic probation or suspension when they last attended Dakota College
at Bottineau can reapply for admission to the college by using this request form. The steps in the
process are as follows:
1. This form should be returned to the Student Services Office at least one month before the semester
in which the student wants to re-enroll.
2. The Academic Standards Committee will review the request form and make a decision about the
student’s eligibility to re-enroll.
Name: Student ID:
Social Security #_________________________________ Date of Birth____________ ______
Street/PO Box: City: State: Zip:
Telephone (daytime): Email:
Last date of attendance at Dakota College at Bottineau:
Have you attended any colleges or universities other than DCB after your
probation/suspension? ( ) yes ( ) no. If yes, list them below:
Which semester would you like to re-enroll?
What was your major at DCB?
Do you intend to continue in this major? ( ) yes ( ) no. If no, please list new major:
Were you in a residence hall at DCB? ( ) yes ( ) no. If yes, list the name of the residence hall
and the Hall Director:
Residence Hall: Hall Director:
In the space below, please briefly discuss why you feel you will now succeed academically at Dakota
College at Bottineau when you didn’t before. List measures you plan to take to help insure your
Return to: Student Services
Office Dakota College at
105 Simrall Boulevard
Bottineau, ND 58318
fax to: