DR 2539A (07/26/19)
Division of Motor Vehicles
Vehicle Services Unit
Duplicate Title/Lien Request and Receipt
C.R.S. 42-6-125, 42-6-126, 42-6-135, 42-6-137
Department Use Only
Sections in bold text represent required information. If any bolded eld is left blank, your application will be rejected.
This Statement Must Be Signed By Owner, Agent or Lienholder
I certify, under penalty of perjury in the second degree, that the title for this vehicle will be issued to me as:
(Check One)
and the original title has been lost or destroyed, has not been assigned or transferred, and is subject only to lien(s) shown
on State Motor Vehicle records. I understand that this duplicate title will be the only valid certicate of title and the original
and any previously issued duplicate title(s) will be void.
Hand printed Name as it Appears on Identication of Owner, Agent, or Lienholder (include rm name if applicable)
Signature of Owner, Agent, or Lienholder Date
Identication of individual signing above:*
Colorado DL
Colorado ID
ID # Expires DOB
The undersigned witness afrms that the named owner of the vehicle identied in this document presented the identication described above.
Witness Signature (required) Date
*Identication will be required for all duplicate title transactions.
Secure and Veriable Identication is required when the original title was issued on or after July 1, 2006.
Year of Vehicle Make Body Style Title No. Issue Date* County of Issuance
Vehicle Identication Number
License Plate Number State of Issuance
Owner Name
Address City State ZIP
Address City State ZIP
Please Provide Mailing Address Below.
To Expedite, Please Include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.
Address City State ZIP
• Make check or money order payable to:
• If applying at your County Motor Vehicle, make check payable to:
The state may convert your check to a one time electronic banking transaction. Your bank account
may be debited as early as the same day received by the State. If converted, your check will not
be returned. If your check is rejected due to insufcient or uncollected funds, the Department of
Revenue may collect the payment amount directly from your bank account electronically.
Account Number
Duplicate Title
Lien Release Title
Total Amount (999)
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Procedure For A Duplicate Colorado Title
To comply with Colorado Laws this procedure is to be followed when applying for a Colorado duplicate title.
Step What You Need To Do
Complete and sign the Duplicate Title/Lien Request and Receipt title application (DR 2539 A). The application
must be signed by the owner, lienholder, or authorized agent by power of attorney of the vehicle listed on this
form. The individual signing the duplicate title application must provide identication information.
Colorado duplicate titles can only be applied for by the owner, lienholder, or an authorized agent. If the authorized
agent applies for the duplicate title, they must submit a Power of Attorney (POA) signed by the owner or lienholder.
If the Power of Attorney form used does not have a place for the grantor's identication information, a DR 2842
Supplemental Secure and Veriable Identication Information and Attestation Clause must also be submitted.
Do not send photocopies of identication or original identication card(s), such as Driver's license
or Passport.. If the POA is VIN specic, the original must be submitted and will be returned upon request.
If a General POA is submitted, a photo copy or fax copy is acceptable (notary seal must be visible on copy)
and must be included with each application. The DR 2175 (Colorado POA) and the DR 2842 are available
at the County Motor Vehicle ofces, the Vehicle Services Section, or online at www.colorado.gov/revenue.
A lien release is required for all active liens. The lien release must be on the lienholder's letterhead (letterhead
is not required if lienholder is an individual). Photo and fax copies are accepted and must include vehicle year,
make, VIN, titled owner's name(s), agent's signature, date of lien release and must be signed under penalty of
perjury in the second degree as dened in C.R.S. 18-8-503.
The title will be issued omitting all reference to the lien pursuant to C.R.S. 42-6-126.
All duplicate title transactions require identication. Secure and Veriable ID (see form DR 2841) is required for
titles issued on or after July 1, 2006.
If you are applying as lienholder and the lien is NOT FILED in Colorado, you must include a Power of Attorney
from the owner, (see step 2 above) or, in the case of repossession, include a Statement of Repossession AND
a certied copy of the security agreement.
Mail-in requests:
The fee for a duplicate title is $8.20 pursuant to C.R.S. 42-6-137 (5). The fee for a lien release title is $7.20
pursuit to C.R.S 42-6-137(4). Make checks payable to the Colorado Department of Revenue.
Submit applications by REGULAR MAIL to: Submit applications by EXPRESS MAIL to:
Department of Revenue Colorado Department of Revenue
Vehicle Services Unit DMV-Titles Section
P.O. Box 173350 1375 Sherman Street
Denver, CO 80217-3350 Denver, CO 80203
Walk-in requests: E-Services:
Submit applications to: mydmv.colorado.gov
Colorado Department of Revenue (For quickest processing, please utilize this option)
Vehicle Services Unit
1881 Pierce Street
Lakewood, CO 80214
Agents acting on behalf of a business must provide a Power of Attorney (POA) or a Letter of Authorization (LOA).
If your application has been rejected, return the original DR 2539A with the additional information required.
There is no additional fee for returned applications. (mail-in). Check submitted with rejected applications will
not be returned and are destroyed by the Department.