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Mackenzie Dollar Cost Averaging Service (DCA “Service”) is only applicable to investors who purchase DCA securities of Mackenzie Canadian Money Market Fund or another product designated by Mackenzie Investments
as the “Starting Fund” in Section 4. Full service details are contained in this enrollment form and in the Simplified Prospectus (“Prospectus”) for the Starting Fund, if applicable.
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Step 1: check service/program to enroll
Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)
3 months 9 months
To end
6 months 12 months
Weekly Bi-weekly Monthly
Once every 14 days
Start Date
DCA Total Amount ($)
Step 2: check a starting fund (check one fund)
2922 MFC TFSA High Interest Cash Builder FE (TFSA account only)
582* MFC Canadian Money Market Fund FE
307* MFC Canadian Money Market Fund BE
7013* MFC Canadian Money Market Fund LL2
3188* MFC Canadian Money Market Fund LL3
23* MFC Canadian Money Market Fund FE (F Series)
Systematic Transfer/Exchange Program (STEP)
Weekly Monthly Quarterly Annually
Bi-weekly Semi-monthly Bi-monthly Semi-annually
Once every 14 days 15th & end of month Every other month Every six months
Start Date
End Date
if applicable
STEP Amount per switch ($)
4879* MFC Canadian Money Market Fund FE (FB Series)
6134** MFC Canadian Money Market Fund FE (PW Series)
6828** MFC Canadian Money Market Fund FE (PWFB Series)
6060** MFC Canadian Money Market Fund FE (PWX Series)
Fund Code
Fund Name
Target Fund
Code Target Fund Name
Target Funds
DCA Percentage
STEPs Amount ($) to be
switched per frequency
and term selected
Sales Charge
*Minimum purchase $500 **Minimum initial purchase amount of $100,000 unless an investor holds $100,000 or more of Mackenzie funds across their eligible accounts, in which Mackenzie Investments may waive the
minimum initial investment amount.
Please make regular switches or withdrawals from the Starting Fund specified in Section 4, to units of Mackenzie mutual funds indicated above (“Target Fund(s)”), in the percentages shown. Please note that
switches under Mackenzie DCA Service must be within the same purchase option (FE to FE, BE to BE). The switch or withdrawal amounts are pro-rated systematic switches or withdrawals from the Starting Fund
to the Target Fund(s). Where the selected switch or withdrawal date is not a business day, the switch will be moved to the next eligible business day. At the end of the DCA service any distributions or interest
paid on the Starting Fund will be moved to the Target Fund in section 5 with the lowest fund code number. You may terminate your DCA service at any time by redeeming or withdrawing your holdings in the
Starting Fund. You may also provide us with instructions to stop further switches or withdrawals from the Starting Fund at any time.
I (We) hereby authorize Mackenzie Financial Corp. (the “Manager”) to switch or withdraw from the Starting Fund specified in Section 4 to the Target Fund(s) indicated in accordance with this service instruction
form. I (We) hereby acknowledge that each switch constitutes either a redemption or withdrawal from the applicable Starting Fund and use of the proceeds to purchase securities of the Target Fund(s). I (We)
hereby direct that the distributions or interest associated with the Starting Fund securities be reinvested (or re-deposited in the case of interest) in the Starting Fund. I (We) understand that the Starting Fund
order is made on the terms and conditions described in the Starting Fund Prospectus or in the Deposit Terms and Conditions, as applicable. I (We) have received the current Prospectus and Prospectus amendment
(if applicable) for Target Fund (s). I (We) acknowledge and agree that purchase of Target Fund(s) is made under the terms and conditions outlined in those documents.
Planholder Signature Date DD/MMM/YYYY
1356177 11/20
Joint Planholder Signature Date DD/MMM/YYYY
Authorized Dealer Financial Advisor Signature Date DD/MMM/YYYY
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