In accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes 41-1080, all individuals applying for a license (including an agency permit,
certificate, approval, registration, charter or similar form of authorization) issued by the Motor Vehicle Division for the purposes
of operating a business in Arizona, must present documentation indicating that the individual’s presence in the United States is
authorized under federal law. If the document presented does not contain your photo, then you must also present a government-
issued document that contains your photo.
All must be in English.
Additional documents needed for a name change (e.g., marriage certificate, divorce decree).
You must first change your name with the Social Security Administration.
Arizona Driver License issued after 1996 or an Arizona ID Card
I authorize the Motor Vehicle Division to access my Arizona driver/ID record to identify proof of authorized presence
already on file.
Driver License issued by another state, territory or possession of the US, except per Arizona law for the following states
that do not verify lawful presence in the US: Illinois, New Mexico, Utah and Washington (Washington verifies only for
credentials labeled as “Enhanced”)
Enhanced Driver License or Enhanced ID Card issued by another state, territory or possession of the US
Birth Certificate or Delayed Birth Certificate issued in any state, territory or possession of the US
US Certificate of Birth Abroad
US Passport or Passport Card
Foreign Passport with US Visa or Visa Waiver I-94W (Green) or Admission Stamp (classes WB & WT eligible for ID card only)
I-94 Form presented without passport. If without photo, must also provide other acceptable form of state ID.
US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Employment Authorization Document (I-688A, I-688B, I-766)
US Certificate of Naturalization
US Certificate of Citizenship
Tribal Certificate of Indian Blood
Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Affidavit of Birth
Any other license that is issued by the federal government, any other state government, an agency of this state or a
political subdivision of this state that requires proof of citizenship or lawful alien status before issuing the license
Company Name
Doing Business As
Applicant Name (first, middle, last, suffix)
AZ Driver License/ID Number (if applicable)
Residence Address
Applicant Signature
I certify that I am exempt from presenting authorized presence documentation because both of the following apply:
I am a citizen of a foreign country or, if at the time of application, I reside in a foreign country, and
The benefits that are related to the license do not require me to be present in the US in order to receive those
I am a resident of another state and I hold the same type of license that I am applying for in Arizona. I seek the Arizona
business license to comply with Arizona law, not to establish residency in Arizona. A copy of my current license is
96-0560 R04/17
MVD Internal Use Only
Document Type
Issue Date
Expiration Date
Source Document Information
Business Unit
Dealer Licensing Professional Driver Services Third Party Traffic Survival School CDLE Fuel Tax Licensing
Reviewer Signature
Reviewer Userid
Date Reviewed