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Please check the doctoral degree program to which you are applying:
Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.) Ph.D. in Information Systems and Communications
Ph.D. in Instructional Management and Leadership
I agree the recommendation I am requesting shall be held in condence by ocials of Robert Morris University and I hereby waive any rights to examine it.
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Applicant’s Signature Date
Provide form to recommender with envelope addressed to: Graduate Enrollment Oce, Robert Morris University, 6001 University Blvd., Moon Township, PA 15108.
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1. How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?
2. Are you aware of the applicant’s academic record? Yes No
3. Do you feel that the applicant is prepared academically for the challenges of a doctoral degree program? Yes No
4. Do you feel that the applicant is prepared emotionally for the challenges of a doctoral degree program? Yes No
Excellent Good Average Poor Unable to judge
Written communication skills
Oral communication skills
Quantitative skills
Problem-solving skills
Decision-making skills
Ability to work with others
5. Do you consider the applicant’s achievements thus far to be a true indication of his/her ability? Yes No Please explain your response:
6. Summary Evaluation. Please indicate your overall recommendation for this applicant.
Highly recommend Recommend Recommend with reservation Do not recommend
7. Please provide a written evaluation of the applicant for the Graduate Admission Committee. Your candid assessment of the applicant’s potential
for success both academically and professionally would be most helpful to the committee in its selection process.
7560-204-08 – Rev. 07/20
6001 University Boulevard
Moon Township, PA 15108
Recommender’s Signature
To the recommender: Do not return this form to the student. Return this form to the
RMU Graduate Enrollment Oce using the envelope provided. If no envelope was provided
by the student, return the form in a plain envelope using the address listed at right.
Seal the envelope and sign it across the ap. Thank you.