Delaware Nation is offering lawn mowing service to enrolled Delaware Nation elders
during the summer months from May to August. To qualify for this service, a Delaware
tribal elder must be 60 years of age or older on April 30, 2020. Only the primary
residence of the approved elder within a 40 mile radius of the Delaware Nation Complex
will receive this service. Due to the fact that the Delaware Nation Maintenance staff has
other responsibilities, this service will be offered on a first come first served basis and
applications are asked to be submitted before 4/30/2020. All interested Tribal Elders
will need to apply even if services were provided previously. First preference will be
given to the elders who are unable to care for their own lawn maintenance due to physical
or mental limitations. After the first 15 elders have been approved on a first come first
serve basis, all other applications received will be placed on a waiting list. When an
opening becomes available the next person on the list will be notified.
Lawn services will be provided to 15 Delaware Nation elders along with the Hall of
Fame Museum, Green Tech, and our newest property addition on Petree Road.
Upon approval, elders will be contacted and a date will be scheduled. Due to the high
volume of mowing and the limited time available, Delaware Nation Maintenance
Department asks that all yards be free of debris and any other objects that could
possibly damage any equipment. If upon arrival debris is found, a notice will be placed
on your door informing you why the lawn was not mowed and you will need to contact
the office when the lawn is ready to be mowed. For questions or more information please
call Kandess at (405)247-2448 ext. 1195.
Delaware Nation Elder Lawn Mowing Service
Name: ____________________________ Enrollment #: ___________
Birthdate: ______________________
Address: _________________________________________
Physical Address
(If different from above): _______________________________
City: _________________ State: __________ Zip code: ____________
Contact Number(s): ________________________________________
*Delaware Nation Tribal Elders must live within a 40 mile radius from
the Delaware Nation Complex for assistance please contact the
Facilities Director, Kandess Botone, at (405)247-2448 Ext. 1195*