Revised 12-15-20
NOTICE: Fees for this application will be collected at the time of submission
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By signing this application form, I hereby acknowledge that the information I have provided is complete and accurate to the best of my
knowledge. Furthermore, I acknowledge my responsibility to conform to the applicable federal, state and local regulation
s pertaining to
the project described by this application and attachments. I also understand that this application will expire within 180 da
ys of the date of
my signing, unless extended in writing by the BUILDS Department.
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Revised 12-15-20
Please include the following documents with the Planned Development District (PDD) Application:
PDD Application: Completed and signed Rezoning Application.
Legal Description: A digital copy of the legal description in Microsoft Word format. The file can be provided physically
through a compact disc, flash drive, or e-mailed to the Principal Planner at the time of application.
Deed. Copy of current Deed indicating property ownership.
Traffic Impact Study (TIS): A digital copy of the TIS, in accordance with parameters identified by the TRT
Development Plan: (4) full-size paper copies of the Development Plan and supporting documents; digital (PDF) of the
submittal emailed to the Principal Planner at the time of application
Fees: The fee for a Rezoning Application includes:
Application Fee: $750 (due at time of Application)
Publication Cost: The Publication Cost is the actual cost of publishing the Public Hearing Notice in the newspaper, as
required by State Statute. The Publication Cost will be invoiced to the Applicant and is due prior to the Second Reading
before City Council.
Neighboring Property Notification: The Neighboring Property Notification is the actual cost of the Legal Notice via the USPS
to all Property Owners and Tenants within (185) feet of the referenced property. These costs will be invoiced to the
Applicant and is due prior to the Second Reading before City Council.
Planned Development District (PDD) Process:
Pre-Application Meeting: A Pre-Application Meeting with the Technical Review Team (TRT) is required.
Application: A completed Application, including the Deed, TIS, Legal Description, Plans, and Fee.
Review: The Technical Review Team (TRT) will review the proposed Development Plan and provide the Applicant with
questions and/or comments.
Notice of Public Hearing: City Staff will prepare the Legal Notice for publication in the newspaper.
Public Hearing Sign: City Staff will place a Public Hearing Sign on the referenced property.
Neighboring Property Notification: Staff will prepare the Legal Notice(s) for notification.
Staff Report: The Technical Review Team (TRT) will prepare a Staff Report to be presented to P&Z/City Council.
Public Hearing, Planning & Zoning Commission: The Planning & Zoning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on the request;
Staff will present a Staff Report and all interested parties may appear and speak in favor or against the request. The Planning
& Zoning Commission will make a recommendation for or against the Rezoning Application to City Council.
First Reading, City Council Meeting: Staff will present the Staff Report and the Planning & Zoning Commission’s
Recommendation to City Council.
Second Reading, City Council Meeting: City Council will render a decision on the request.
Republic Municipal Code: Article IV Planned Development Districts:
Community Development Major Project Tracker Map: Since its inception, this tool maps and tracks the progress of all completed
and ongoing development projects throughout the City. Information and photographs can be found for everything from new
subdivisions to new commercial buildings. This link will take you to the Major Project Tracker page,
which includes instructions for
Planning & Zoning Agenda Tracker Map: A great number of items come through the Community Development Department that
end up in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission and/or City Council. From Annexations to Final Plats, the
P&Z Agenda
Tracker provides information on all of these items, and more, as well as their mapped location, current status, and links to Staff
Reports and Exhibits.
Online Community Map: The Community Map is an up-to-date view of our City that includes access to important information like
property ownership, floodplain and sinkhole locations, subdivision plats, and much more. It is constantly kept up-to-date so you will
be too! Stay tuned for new aerial photography to be added. This new imagery was taken in March and April of 2020 and is the
result of a cooperative effort between a number of cities and counties in the region.