Guidelines and Application Procedures
Page 1 Application Cover Page (see below)
Page 1a Continuation of signatures from cover page if necessary
Page 2 Budget Request Form with the Budget Narrative (500 words maximum)
Where appropriate, explain in details describing how funding items are necessary for the
successful completion of the project. Budget requests and expenses must comply with
University policies.
Pages 3 – 5 Description of Project (3 pages maximum)
Provide the committee a full but concise description of your project. This narrative
should be limited to a maximum of (3) continuation pages in no smaller than 11-pt type
and no less than 1 inch margins. This description should cover as many of the following
topics as are relevant to your project:
a) Statement Project Objectives. Provide detailed information that would allow a
generalist full understanding of the project and why funding is requested. Applicants
should make a special effort to “language” their proposals so that an “average reader
who may be unfamiliar with the topic or specific terminology will have a clear
b) Procedures/Methodology. This section should include a plan of the proposed
activities, how they will be accomplished and a rationale for using this method. You
may include work already completed. A time line or work plan is suggested.
c) Importance or Value. Describe how your project will contribute to the evidence base
of concepts, theories, and/or practice within one’s discipline. How will your specific
project contributes to the broader category of scholarship being conducted by others?
d) Further Research or Study. Describe what your next steps might be, once the project
is completed.
e) Outcome. Will your research result in a peer-reviewed journal article and/or
presentation at a professional conference, seminar or workshop on the state, national,
or international level? How will the project be shared with the campus community?
f) Community Sharing. The committee requires an on campus poster session or
presentation. Researchers may consider submitting proposals to the Graduate
Research Symposium hosted by the Office of Graduate Studies or the Stockton’s Day
of Scholarship hosted by the Grants Office. If you need other accommodations, please
contact 609.626.3640 for more information.
Supplementary Materials (i.e., copy of the formal invitation to present at a conference or to exhibit, copy
of contract for publication etc.). If an applicant is uncertain whether or not supplementary material is
required, the applicant should contact the Office of Graduate Studies for advice. Contact 609.626.3640
or email: gradschool@stockton.edu. NOTE: Detailed budget is required.
The Office of Graduate Studies will coordinate the application and selection process including the selection of
the review committee which will include:
a) Four faculty representatives from the graduate programs (serving staggered 2-year terms)
b) Two students from the graduate programs who are not current fellowship applicants (serving
staggered 2-year terms)
c) The Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies
The Proposal will be evaluated according to the following:
a) adherence to format
b) completeness, including signatures and summary form of funding history
c) clarity
The Project will be evaluated according to the following factors:
a) Intrinsic merit (i.e. whether the project addresses an important issue, and/or contributes to scholarship,
and/or supports a programmatic/divisional/university goal)
b) Qualifications of the applicant to carry out the project and the likelihood that the project will be
completed with intended outcome(s). All projects should be completed prior to the student’s completion
of their degree work.
c) Whether the methods are appropriate and likely to result in successful and timely outcome(s).
d) Interest of the student and relevance to the student’s professional development.
e) Benefit to the overall campus community.
Please check all that apply: Research Creative Activity Travel Publication or Entry Fee
Required Presentation : Graduate Research Symposium Fall Spring
Day of Scholarship Spring
Projects are due on or before the following deadlines: December 1
& March 1
Late applications will not be accepted.
act Person: Z #:
Researchers: Z #:
Z #:
Z #:
Z #:
4 and Direct Deposit is needed for each person to be paid.
oring Faculty Member:
iptive Title of Project:
Applicant Status (Check those, which apply):
[1a] Applicant(s) has received funding from the University in the past
Yes No;
[1b] If yes, please provide the source ______________________________________
[2] Are the applicant(s) requesting funding from the Graduate Student Council for travel? Yes No
[2b] If yes, how much money are you requesting ________________
[3] Does this project involve human subjects: Yes No
If yes, please attach confirmation that the IRB Board approved your project. Project should not be initiated, nor funds
disbursed, without prior approval from the appropriate compliance committee. Visit the Institutional Review Board
more information.
I (
we) understand that if I should be granted this award, I (we) will administer the project to comply with University
Policies and Procedures. Further, I am (we are) required to submit a written report regarding my findings at the
conclusion of the project.
Applicant Name Signature Date
Project Title:
Researcher signatures continued if necessary:
I (we) understand that if I should be granted this award, I (we) will administer the project to comply with University
Policies and Procedures. Further, I am (we are) required to submit a written report regarding my findings at the
conclusion of the project to the Office of Graduate Studies. Additionally, I (we) understand there is a required poster
session or presentation that must take place at either the Graduate Research Symposium or the Day of
Scholarship. I (we) also understand that any monetary award may be subject to Internal Revenue Service Guidelines, visit
for https://www.irs.gov/uac/Tax-Benefits-for-Education:-Information-Center
more information. A 1098T Form will be
mailed to you by the Bursar’s Office by January 31
Applicant Name Signature Date
Applicant Name Signature Date
Applicant Name Signature Date
Applicant Name Signature Date
Applicant Name Signature Date
Applicant Name Signature Date
Project Title:
Request Other Sources
1. Equipment* $ $
(*Equipment purchased with Distinguished Research Funds remains the property of the University)
2. Materials & Supplies $ $
3. Guest Speaker/s:
Stipends $ $
Refreshments $ $
4. Travel
Lodging $ $
Transportation $ $
5. Other
(specify): $ $
$ $
Totals $ $
Budget Narrative and Explanation: (500-word maximum)
In the space below, explain how the budget request costs above are calculated and specify the particular details of each
budget item. Explain how budgetary items are necessary for the successful completion of the project. Number the items
in order of importance, according to the list above.
Clarification of Certain University Policies and Procedures
Related to Distinguished Research Fellowships for Graduate Students
Developing a Distinguished Research Fellowship Budget:
The budget is an important part of the Distinguish Research Fellowship process. The Committee is often
interested in seeing a picture of what the money will be used for and what outcomes will be delivered.
The budget for a project develops directly from the activities and timeline required to complete the
research project. It naturally follows the narrative and should be as accurate as possible, based on
estimated costs.
In preparing the budget, read carefully the guidelines below. Awards or stipends up to
$2000.00 each
are available for graduate students for pursuit of projects of a research and/or creative nature. Please note
the Committee is allocated a portion of the University’s budget each fiscal year and this allocation is
variable and dependent on various factors. While the typical project would involve one graduate student
with one faculty advisor, graduate students may apply for a joint research project conducted with multiple
student researchers. In this case, multiple students working as part of a research team may have to share a
stipend. Each proposal is not guaranteed the maximum award, which is $2000.00. If the amount of
monies awarded is less than the proposed budget the student will need to decide whether to pursue the
project or not and notify the committee accordingly. A proposed budget must also comply with
University policies. A budget consists of several categories of expenses, some of which are listed below.
The cost within each category must be based on actual calculations which should be explained in a budget
1. Supplies, Materials and/or Equipment
If materials or equipment are needed the student should coordinate the purchase with the Office of
Graduate Studies. We encourage you to contact the office at gradschool@stockton.edu
to assist in
obtaining appropriate quotes for items and to ensure compliance with University purchasing procedures.
If supplies or equipment are purchased, once the project is completed these will be returned to the
graduate office and will remain the property of the University for the benefit of the Stockton community.
2. Travel
The Distinguished Fellowship Committee is interested in where the outcomes of a project are distributed.
This could be at a conference or training session or a publication in a scholarly or professional journal.
Also some students have requested travel money in order to accomplish their research tasks. Costs for
these expenses should be identified specific to an appropriate conference and/or estimated for the number
of people who will be traveling. The application for the conference as well as any and all supplementary
pages that will provide a description of what is included in the conference registration should be included.
Lodging and mileage costs should be calculated using the allowable rate in New Jersey, but there is no
guarantee mileage will be approved. Travel Guidelines as established by the University should be
reviewed and strictly adhered to.
Travel Outside the Continental USA:
Students wishing to travel outside of the United States should contact the Office of Graduate Studies for
more details. The Office of Risk Management will need to review the student’s request for travel.
The following travel expenditures will not be considered for funding:
Personal telephone calls.
Expenses for personal services, including those appearing on a hotel bill.
Alcoholic beverages
Meals served as part of transportation accommodations when the cost is included in the
transportation charge
Meals served as part of conferences/seminars when the cost is included in the
conference/seminar cost
Fines and other expenses for motor vehicle violations including parking offenses
Parking expenses
Attending educational, instructional or other conferences which involve out-of-state or out-of-
country travel when equivalent programs are available locally
3. Use of fellowship funds towards tuition is prohibited.
Your signature(s) below indicates you have read this document and will comply by its requirements,
should you receive an award.
Signature Date
Signature Date
Signature Date
Signature Date
Signature Date
Faculty Advisor Agreement
Project Title: ___________________________________________________________________
Contact Person: ________________________________________________________________
Phone number: _________________________________________________________________
Email: ________________________________________________________________________
Please note: The Distinguished Research Fellowships for Graduate Students is only awarded if an eligible
student has the support and assistance of a full-time Stockton University faculty member. The supporting
statement attests the student’s ability to undertake the proposed project successfully; that the student
meets the criteria for participation; and that the faculty advisor will mentor the student throughout the
Faculty Advisor Name: __________________________________________________________
Faculty Advisor Title: ___________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________
Email: _______________________________________________________________________
I have discussed and approved the student’s topic and proposal and will advise/mentor the student for the
duration of the project.
Faculty Advisor Signature: _______________________________________________________
Date: ___________________________