Canisius College Counseling Programs
The personal and professional dispositions listed below are critical for the successful counselor. Please rate
yourself using the following rating scale:
5 = Embodies this Disposition in All Professional and Personal Activity
4 = Disposition is Evident in All Professional and Personal Activity
3 = Disposition is Satisfactorily Displayed in Professional and Personal Activity
2 = Disposition is Displayed in Professional and Personal Activity with Some Inconsistency
1 = Disposition is Not Displayed
1 2 3 4 5
1. Dignity and Respect for Self and Others: Treats all
people with respect as defined by emotionally controlled
communication, and the absence of pejorative labeling. In
addition, the student recognizes and practices self-care.
2. Embraces Diversity: Seeks to understand all persons
and cultures. Never behaves in a prejudicial or
discriminatory manner to any group of people.
3. Professional Integrity: Demonstrates personal
responsibility in academic and professional endeavors;
personal and professional maturity; honesty and
4. Ethical Behavior: Always acts in an ethical manner as
described in the current version of the Ethical Standards
of the American Counseling Association.
5. Empathy: Demonstrates empathy by recognizing and
being able to verbalize the emotional and experiential
realities of others.
6. Openness/Accepts feedback: Accepts feedback in a
constructive manner as demonstrated by professional and
thoughtful consideration and subsequent modification of
behavior without discounting the suggestions made by
professors and fellow students.
7. Engagement/Communication: Engages with other
students and professors in a positive manner as
experienced by students and professors.
Created - July 2017