April 2016
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Authorization. The Undersigned Contractor understands that (s)he is authorizing the City of Marco Island through its
Building Services Division.
Termination. If the Undersigned believes the security of the digital signature has been compromised, or simply
wishes to terminate the use of such signature, (s)he must file a written notice of termination with the Building Division.
Governing Law. The Undersigned understands that the electronic signing and sealing of documents is governed by
Florida law. Electronic submissions must meet state law requirements as described in the Florida Statutes Chapter
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This notarized document may be submitted via email to permitsubmittals@cityofmarcoisland.com
For more information about digital permitting visit:
www.cityofmarcoisland.com > Government > Building Services > Citizen Access Portal
Or send an email to permitsubmittals@cityofmarcoisland.com subject “more info”
City of Marco Island
Building Services Division
50 Bald Eagle Dr
Marco Island FL 34145
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