q Please check if the potential new member (PNM) is a ∆ΦΕ legacy ***This is not a legacy form***
For the Delta Phi Epsilon chapter/colony at
Potential New Member Information
Name of Potential New Member
Home Address
Delta Phi Epsilon Relatives:
Does the potential new member have a ∆ΦΕ relative?
q Sister q Mother q Grandmother
q Step-Sister q Step-Mother q Step-Grandmother
Check one:
q Sister q Mother q Grandmother q Step-sister q Step-Mother
q Step-Grandmother q Other
Name Chapter
Check one:
q Sister q Mother q Grandmother q Step-sister q Step-Mother
q Step-Grandmother q Other
Name Chapter
Does the potential new member have connections with other NPC groups? If yes, list aliation
and relationship
High school attended
Year graduated
High School GPA Scale
High school class rank / class size SAT / ACT score
College class:
q Freshman q Sophomore q Junior q Senior
Is this potential new member a transfer student?
q Yes q No
College attended after high school if applicable
College major
College GPA Scale
Additional Information:
Please check attributes and add comments and examples. Check all boxes that apply. Please
attach a resume if available.
Sisterhood Qualities Comments
q Good moral character
q Loyal
q Dependable
q Respected
College or University
First (Nickname or Name Called) Last
Street Number City State Zip
Name City State
Name City State
This form is intended to introduce
a PNM to a chapter/colony and will
not influence or hinder the chance
for an invitation for membership.
Letters of recommendation are not
required by ∆ΦΕ.
“We met with a completely honest
approach~there were no false
values or suspicions, no need to
produce letters of recommenda-
tion or financial statements. We
still meet often and that quality of
friends is still present.
~Eve Effron Robin
This is not a legacy form. If the
PNM is a legacy, please submit a
legacy form at http://www.dphie.
Please send this introduction form
and attachments directly to the
q Introduction form
q Photo (if available)
q Resume (if available)
Send introduction forms as early as
possible. Some chapters may have
a deadline for receipt of forms.
Please visit the univerity website
for more information.
Any alumna member in good
standing may submit an
introduction form. Collegiate
members in good standing may
submit an introduction form for a
PNM attending a different school
other than her own.
Recruitment Introduction Form
Social Skills Comments
q Socially congenial
q Compatible in a group
q Reserved/shy/quiet
q Poised
Service Activities
q Volunteer activities
q Advocacy work
q Extracurricular activities
q Leadership positions
q Other (list)
q Musical
q Artistic
q Dance
q Athletics
q Other (list)
I would describe this potential new member in the following way. (Please check ONE)
q Well-qualied, admired by peers and will be an asset to the chapter/colony
q Highly qualied, will attract others into the membership and will be an active participant and/or
chapter/colony leader
q Outstanding potential new member, will be sought after by several sororities as a top choice
q None of the above
Delta Phi Epsilon Recommendation
I am a Delta Phi Epsilon
q Alumna or q Collegian
q I recommend this potential new member for Delta Phi Epsilon membership.
q I have known this potential new member personally for _____ years.
q I have known the potential new member’s family for ____ years.
q I do not know this potential new member personally, but was referred
by a reliable source.
q I do not recommend this potential new member for Delta Phi Epsilon membership. If further
clarication is desired, the chapter advisor may contact me.
q This introduction is for informational purposes only.
Remarks (if any)
Phone Number Email
Chapter University
Alumnae Association
Introduction submitted on:
First Maiden Last
Once recruitment has started,
alumnae and collegiate
members from other campuses
must NOT contact members of
the collegiate chapter to inquire
about progress. Members
should neither expect to receive
any information about the
status of a specific potential
new member nor expect to
receive new member list
information. Members are also
prohibited from sending food or
gifts in any form to the chapter
on behalf of a potential new
member. Breaking Panhellenic
rules may cause the chapter to
be penalized.
Introductions offer beneficial
information to the chapter/
colony. However, having a
recommendation does not
guarantee an invitation or
Once an Introduction Form
has been received you are to:
1. Send an e-mail to the sister
acknowledging you have
received the form.
2. After recruitment, shred
or destroy all forms on
women who join DPhiE or
another chapter.
3. Retain forms for women
who remian unaliated for
four years.