Date Travel Purpose/Council Number *Room *Meals *Misc. Total
From To
*Receipts are required for all items
I hereby certify the foregoing to be a true and correct
statement of expenses incurred by me.
Approved by
(State Deputy) Name
State/Prov. Zip/Postal Code
Membership Number District Number
Knights of Columbus
at .30 per mile
Expense Account of District Deputy or Conferring Officer
For District Deputy or Conferring Officer
The expense accounts of district deputies and conferring officers shall be forwarded through the state deputy,
whose approval is required before they will be given attention by the Supreme Secretary. The travel expenses
of district deputies for transportation, meals, telephone, tolls and parking, in connection with official business
in their assigned district are chargeable to the Supreme Council. These charges may be submitted as a result
of traveling to installation of officers, degree exemplifications and council visitations.
Expense accounts shall be submitted on this Form (267). All travel expenses must be itemized and supported
by receipts, showing the date, place visited and purpose of the trip. District deputies are requested to submit
expense accounts on a quarterly basis.
A. Transportation
Round trip mileage is reimbursed at the rate of $.30 per mile for actual mileage traveled. If alternate travel
is used, e.g. air travel or train, reimbursement will be made on the basis of the shortest most practical
route (Rand McNally) for round trip mileage from residence to the destination city at the rate of $.30 per
mile or the cost of alternate travel, whichever is less. Expenses incurred as a result of travel to Chapter
meetings and Fourth Degree events are not reimbursable.
B. Hotel/Meals
Hotel charges for one nights’ lodging, in connection with the summer and winter meetings of district
deputies, are chargeable to the Supreme Council. All hotel charges must be supported by copy of itemized
bill. When required, meal reimbursement will be made for the district deputy only, on the basis of actual
cost. Receipts are required for all meal expenditures.
C. Miscellaneous
Telephone — Phone calls made in connection with the Order’s business within the assigned district are
reimbursable. Phone bill copies must accompany expense requests. Monthly service charges and other
related fees are not chargeable to the Supreme Council.
Tolls/Parking Receipts are required.
Nonreimbursable Expenses Expenses that are not payable by the Supreme Council: postage, guest
meals, stenographic and clerical assistance, printing, stationery and duplicating. Expenses of district
deputies incurred in connection with the annual state council meeting shall not be chargeable to the
Supreme Council.
D. New Council Development Expenses
Expenses incurred by district deputies in New Council Development work will be reimbursed on the same
basis as above. It should be noted on the expense form as N.C.D. work.
E. Travel Outside of District
If a district deputy goes outside his own district, no part of the expenses he incurs in doing so are
chargeable to the Supreme Council unless prior authorization has been obtained by his state deputy from
the Supreme Knight. The maximum amount chargeable to the Supreme Council for expenses in these cases
is $15.00.
F. District Warden
In the performance of his duties in installing officers or conferring ceremonials, the district deputy is
permitted to be accompanied by a warden. The expenses of the warden are limited to meals and are
reportable on the district deputy expense account.
Conferring Officers
Certified Conferring officers are reimbursed at the prevailing rate for travel not to exceed 200 miles each