Name of applicant: Date:
The student named above is applying for admission to the De Anza College Honors Program. We are looking for
students who have a commitment to learning and who are willing to take intellectual risks. Your recommendation can help
determine if the student is able to be successful in the program. You may attach a separate letter if you wish.
Average Above Average Excellent Outstanding (Top 5%)
Academic ! ! ! !
Personal ! ! ! !
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Academic/Intellectual Qualities
How would you describe this student’s academic performance, intellectual curiosity, and enthusiasm for learning? In
particular, please comment about the applicant’s critical thinking, analytical, and critical reading abilities.
Personal Qualities
What are the qualities that you like best about this student? Describe the ways in which this student has contributed
to your class, the school or the community.
Additional Comments
Any additional information about the student in regards to their Honors Program candidacy can be
addressed in this section.
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Subject in Which You Instructed This Applicant: _____________________________________
Send completed letters of recommendation to If any questions arise, please contact the Honors Program by
sending an email, calling 408-864-8833, or visiting the Honors Lounge in S-33b.