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* Emergency Services require prior notification and sample arrival by 9:00 AM PST, Mon - Sat. Please call our Service Representative at 206-522-5432 for more information regarding turn around time, price and other conditions.
** Definitions for abbreviations: APC=Aerobic Plate Count (Total Plate Count); TCC=Total Coliform Count; ECC=Coliform/E. coli Count; LAB=Lactic Acid Bacteria Count; AnPC=Anaerobic Plate Count; PSYCH=Aerobic Psychotrophic
Count; AnPSYCH=Anaerobic Psychotrophic Count; Y&M=Yeast & Mold Count; ST Total =SporeTrap (Zefon or equiv.) Total Dust; ST Fungi=Spore Trap (Zefon or Equiv.) Fungi only; Viable Fungi=Viable Fungi (2 STD Media Bulk or
Swab); Env. Bact=Envir. Bacteria, 30°C Incu.; Ent. Bact=Entero Bacteria, 37°C Incu; ECO157=E. coli O157:H7 Detection; Salm=Salmonella spp. Detection; List=Listeria spp. detection and Lm=L. monocytogenes detection.
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AnPSYCH; Y&M; ST Total; ST Fungi; Viable Fungi; Env. Bact; Ent. Bact,
Qualitative Tests (QL): ECO157; Salm; List; Lm, Other (describe)
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