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Curriculum Committee
Reorder All Course Numbers in a
Department Summary Form
To request that all courses in a department be renumbered and to summarize those changes in one
For each course that is changing, submit an “Existing Course Modification/Deletion” form.
For each course that is brand new, submit a “Course Addition” form.
As a courtesy to the Curriculum Committee and Registrar, summarize the changes by filling out
the entire form below.
If more room is needed, please add an addendum and clearly identify which item is continued.
Attach this form to all “Existing Course Modification/Deletion” forms and “Course Addition
Date: ______________________________
Submitted by: _________________________________________________________________________
Department: __________________________________________________________________________
Department Chair Signature (e-signature is acceptable): _______________________________________
What is the rationale for this entire department’s course renumbering?
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Have you spoken with your entire department before submitting this proposal to ensure you are on the
same page? Check one: YES NO
Summary Table:
Existing Code and Number
New Code and Number
Is this a brand new course or
an existing course for which
you are changing the
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Checklist Identification:
In the current academic catalog, please identify the checklists this course number change will impact.
Title of Program Checklist
Registrar To-Do List:
This section will be completed by the Registrar after the approval of the Curriculum Committee. The
Registrar should initial once completed.
Create the new number in CRSE
Equate the old number to the new number in EQCD
End date and inactivate the old number in CRSE
Check pre-requisites and co-requisites. Enter in catalog and CRSE.
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Find old number in next year’s college catalog (WORD version) and make it the new number
Check/edit COURSE TYPES in CRSE for compass and old core. Also do it if the class was an
interdisciplinary major/minor.
Edit checklists and if substantial change, make new degree audit for next year with new year
Reorder courses in course descriptions in back of catalog if they have gotten out of order with
Check/edit Compass website and old core website if applicable
Check/edit Compass degree audit setup and old core degree audit setup if applicable
s form must be submitted to the Curriculum Committee. Signatures below are required for approval.
Chair of the Curriculum Committee
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College