Curriculum Committee Proposal with Jenzabar EX Catalog
College of Southern Idaho
This proposal to be presented to the Curriculum Committee Chairperson ten (10) days prior to
Curriculum Committee Meeting for dissemination to the committee members.
Requestor Name
Request Date
Implementation Semester
45 hours required per term
Contact Hours to Generate 1 Credit
In Cls Hm Wk # Hrs Per Semester Check if Applicable Terms to be Offered
Lecture 15 30 #
Lecture Independent Study Fall
Lab 30 15 #
Lab Seminar Spring
Clinical 45 0 #
Clinical Internet Course Summer
Action Requested (Check all that
Apply for one action only) Add to Gen Non-Core Program Add to Information
Action Ed Core Course Requirement Catalog Only
New Course Addition
Old Course Change*
Course Retirement
TEAMS Elite Catalog
*ONLY Mark the ‘Chg’ (change) box next to whatever is changing if this is a course change.
Chg New Course
Number: Discipline (4 char) Number (3-5 char) Number: Discipline (4 char) Number (3-5 char)
Chg New Course Title:
Long (35 Char):
Short (15 Char):
Current Title:
Chg Chg Chg
Credit Hours: Repeatable: Enrollment Defaults:
New credit hours:
Fixed: Yes: Max Cr Hrs: Maximum:
Current credit hours:
Variable: No: Minimum:
Use only if the course may be repeated and the credits
accumulated. The catalog description must so state.
Chg Catalog Description:
Chg Chg
Instructional Method: (Check one only) Grade Type:
EX-Exam LB-Lab LT-Letter
CC-Coop/Clinical LC-Lecture PF-Pass/Fail
IN-Individualized/Correspondence/Video Tape TC-Telecommunications NG-Not Graded
IT-Internet/Computer Network TV-Televised/Radio
Rationale for Action:
Relevance of the course (college or university parallel, occupational, community service, etc.)
New physical materials and/or personnel required (visual aids, equipment, facilities, library books, etc.)
Incomplete proposal forms will be returned to the requestor
No area of this form may be completed with ‘See Attached’
Financial Impact (to be filled out by the Executive
Reallocation of funds New monies needed
Vice President & Chief Academic Officer)
Curriculum Committee Vote
# Yes # No # Abstentions
Curriculum Committee
Chairperson’s Signature Date
It is requested that the person making the proposal and the respective chairperson be available for the first curriculum
committee meeting when the proposal is under discussion. A period of one month shall elapse between the first
presentation to the committee and the vote on the proposal. The waiting period may be waived by a simple majority vote
of the committee.
Action by the Executive Vice President
& Chief Academic Officer Disapproved – Reason
Signature of the Executive Vice President
& Chief Academic Officer Date
Note: Attach additional documentation i.e. letters of support, articulation agreements, special budget information,
Curr Comm Prop JEX Ctlg.doc
Rev 06/20/2005