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Curriculum Committee
Major/Minor/Concentration Change
To modify existing requirements and/or course sequencing of an existing major, minor or concentration.
Complete the entire form below and submit the current checklist and an updated checklist that
clearly indicates the changes as they should appear in the catalog.
If the major/minor/concentration change affects another department, the proposer must
contact the chair of that department and attach email correspondence to show communication
and collaboration.
If the change involves the creation of new courses, a “Course Addition” form must be generated
for each new course.
If the change involves the modification of existing courses, an “Existing Course Modification/
Deletion” form must be included for each affected course.
If unsure about the depth of detail required in this form, especially for Section B, contact the
Chair of the Curriculum Committee prior to filling this form.
If more room is needed, please add an addendum and clearly identify which item is continued.
Date: _______________________
Submitted by: _________________________________________________________________________
Department: __________________________________________________________________________
Department Chair Signature (e-signature is acceptable): _______________________________________
Have you spoken with your entire department before submitting this proposal to ensure you are on the
same page? Check one: YES NO
A. What major, minor, or concentration are you proposing be changed? Please use full title as it appears
in the current college catalog. If you are changing more than one, please submit multiple forms.
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B. Provide a summary and rationale behind the proposed change including any staffing adjustments that
may accompany the proposed change. Provide information about 2- to 4-year course rotations (use
separate sheet if necessary) and who will be teaching the courses affected. The description of the
staffing impact should be proportionate to the proposed changes. Simply stating that the proposed
change will have no impact on staffing is not sufficient.
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C. If courses are being modified (title change, renumbering, catalog descriptions and sequencing of
coursework), deleted, or added, “Course Addition” forms or “Existing Course Modification/Deletion”
forms must be provided. Please indicate below which forms accompany this submission.
D. On a separate sheet, please provide the existing checklist as it appears in your major/minor/
concentration section in the current catalog and an updated checklist with the proposed changes as
you would like to have it appear in the catalog. Make sure the proposed changes are clearly marked.
E. This form must be submitted to the Curriculum Committee. Signatures below are required for
Chair of the Curriculum Committee
Provost and Dean of the College