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Curriculum Committee
Existing Course Modification/Deletion
To modify an existing course (title, numbering, course description, credit hours) or delete an existing
Complete the entire form below. One form must be filled out for each course that is being
changed or deleted.
If the course change affects a degree/major/minor/concentration checklist(s), please submit a
“Major/Minor/Concentration Change” form and updated checklist(s) with this form.
If the course change affects another department, the proposer should contact the chair of that
department and attach email correspondence to show communication and collaboration.
If more room is needed, please add an addendum and clearly identify which item is continued.
Date: __________________________
Submitted by: ________________________________________________________________________
Department: _________________________________________________________________________
Department Chair Signature (e-signature is acceptable): _______________________________________
Have you spoken with your entire department before submitting this proposal to ensure you are on the
same page? Check one: YES NO
A. What is the course? Please provide the current code prefix, current number, and current full title in
the college catalog.
B. Is this course being modified or deleted? Check one.
Modified (if this is checked, please only answer question 1 and then proceed to question C)
Deleted (if this is checked, please answer questions 1 through 3 and then do not fill out the rest
of the form)
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1. Is this course currently approved for the Compass Curriculum? Check one
If YES, please provide email to the Director of the Compass Curriculum and the Chair o
he Compass Council to indicate notification of your intention to modify or delete.
Submit email correspondence with this form to show communication and collaboration.
2. Will this deletion impact current students? Check one: YES NO
3. I
f yes, when should the deletion go into effect? The course can be removed from next
year’s catalog but go into effect at a later date. The effective date should be:
C. What is the reason for the modification?
D. Fill o
ut ONLY what you would like modified
Semester Credit Hours
Long Title for Catalog
Short Title for Transcripts (30
character limit)
*Instructional Method Code
**Semester Rotation Sequence
***Yearly Rotation Sequence Code
****Schedule Type Code (leave
blank if not sure)
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Catalog Course Description
(2-3 sentences maximum; use
third person)
Course Level (1000, 2000, 3000,
4000 can be more than one)
Courses to Automatically Crosslist
with this one
*Method of Instruction Codes include the following. If more than one, please indicate the percentage
each one will be. For example, 70% LEC and 30% LAB.
DS = Directed Studies
FLDWK = Fieldwork
HON = Honors Course
IN = Internship
LAB = Lab
LEC = Lecture
MUS = Music Studio Lesson
PR = Practicum
SEM = Seminar
ST = Special Topics
STDA = Study Abroad
STU = Studio
UNRE = Undergraduate Research
**Semester Rotation Sequence Codes (if offered every year) include:
FA = Fall
FS = Fall and Summer
FSP = Fall and Spring
FSS = Fall, Spring, and Summer
SP = Spring
SS = Spring and Summer
SU = Summer
WI = Winter
***Yearly Rotation Sequence Codes (if not offered on the semester rotation) include:
ALT = Offered every other year
E3YR = Offered every three years
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OCC = Offered occasionally
ROT = Offered in a different but systematic rotation
YR= Offered every year
****Schedule Type codes include:
AM = usually offered in the morning
PM = usually offered in the afternoon
EVE = usually offered in the evening
E. This form must be submitted to the Curriculum Committee. Signatures below are required for
Chair of the Curriculum Committee
Provost and Dean of the College