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Curriculum Committee
Course Addition Form
To add a new course to a department/program’s current offerings.
Complete the entire form below. One form must be filled for each course that is being added.
If the course addition affects a major/minor/concentration/degree checklist(s), please submit a
“Major/Minor/Concentration Change” form or a “Degree Change” form and the checklist(s) with
edits clearly marked.
If the course addition affects another department, the proposer should contact the chair of that
department and attach email correspondence to show communication and collaboration.
If the course added is part of a proposed new minor or major, please submit a “New Minor
Application” form or a “New Major Application” form.
If unsure about the depth of detail required in this form, especially for Section B, contact the
Chair of the Curriculum Committee prior to filling this form.
If more room is needed, please add an addendum and clearly identify which item is continued.
Date: _____________________
Submitted by: _________________________________________________________________________
Department: __________________________________________________________________________
Department Chair Signature (e-signature is acceptable): _______________________________________
Have you spoken with your entire department before submitting this proposal to ensure you are on the
same page? Check one: YES NO
A. Please fill out the following information for the proposed addition.
Course Prefix (e.g., BIOL, SOAN)
Semester Credit Hours
Long Title for Catalog
Short Title for Transcripts (30 character
*Instructional Method Code
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**Semester Rotation Sequence Code
***Yearly Rotation Sequence Code
****Schedule Type Code (leave blank if
not sure)
Catalog Course Description
(2-3 sentences maximum; use third
UG Course Level (1000, 2000, 3000,
4000 can be more than one)
GR Course Level (500, 600, or 700)
Courses that Will Crosslist
ethod of Instructions Codes include the following. If more than one, please indicate the percenta
ach one will be. For example, 70% LEC and 30% LAB.
DS = Directed Studies
FLDWK = Fieldwork
HON = Honors Course
IN = Internship
LAB = Lab
LEC = Lecture
MUS = Music Studio Lesson
PR = Practicum
SEM = Seminar
ST = Special Topics
STDA = Study Abroad
STU = Studio
UNRE = Undergraduate Research
OL = Online
**Semester Rotation Sequence Codes (if offered every year) include:
FA = Fall
FS = Fall and Summer
FSP = Fall and Spring
FSS = Fall, Spring, and Summer
SP = Spring
SS = Spring and Summer
SU = Summer
WI = Winter
***Yearly Rotation Sequence Codes (if not offered on the semester rotation) include:
ALT = Offered every other year
E3YR = Offered every three years
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OCC = Offered occasionally
ROT = Offered in a different but systematic rotation
YR= Offered every year
****Schedule Type codes include:
AM = usually offered in the morning
PM = usually offered in the afternoon
EVE = usually offered in the evening
lease explain the rationale behind adding this course and how the addition of this course impacts
current staffing models and course sequencing in your department/program. If the proposed course
is a required course for a major or minor, provide information about 2- to 4-year course rotations
(use separate sheet if necessary) and who will be teaching the courses affected. The description of
the staffing impact should be proportionate to the proposed changes. Simply stating that the
proposed new course will have no impact on staffing is not sufficient.
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. W
ill this addition impact course sequencing for majors/minors in your department
eck one: YES NO
If YES, please provide a completed “Major/Minor/Concentration Change” form.
D. S
hould this course be included on a list of approved courses for an interdisciplinary minor?
Check one: YES NO
If YES, attach email approval from the Director of affected minor to indicate approval.
E. L
ist all instructors who are qualified to teach the course (not only those most likely to teach the
degree in this field or has the
instructor completed at least 18
graduate credit hours in this field
(field defined by course prefix)?
If no, please provide a brief
summary of the instructor’s
F. T
his form must be submitted to the Curriculum Committee. Signatures below are required for
Chair of the Curriculum Committee
Provost and Dean of the College