Curriculum Committee - Course Proposal
General Guidelines
1. If a department is submitting several course proposals, please submit them to
the Curriculum Committee at the same time.
2. Regular course reviews, involving both faculty and students, should be
conducted by the department. Such a review should serve as a basis for the
responses given in Section K below.
3. Each proposal, whether for a new course or changes in an existing course, is to
be submitted according to the format provided in this document. Every effort
should be made to provide all information requested in each of the sections.
4. Please provide entries for each item. If the item is not applicable, simply
indicate that this item does not apply to the proposed course.
6. Please submit the completed form electronically (preferably as a pdf
attachment) to
7. Academic Affairs Board action (December, 1986) requires that the information
contained within sections A-F be distributed to the full-time faculty of the college
3 weeks in advance of submission to the Curriculum Committee. In the case of
295/495 courses, though no Curriculum Committee approval is required, the
information must still be circulated.
Course Proposal Form - Page 1 of 7
Records & Class Schedule Title
30 Characters Max)
Course Number
(Assigned by Registrar):
Course Proposal Department:
Submission Date:
A. Course Title:
Full Title for Catalog
B. Course Approvals:
______________________________ _______________
Signature of Divisional Dean Date
______________________________ _______________
Signature of Director of Libraries Date
______________________________ _______________
Signature of Registrar Date
Note: The signature of the Divisional Dean certifies that all aspects of this curricular
change have been discussed and approved. Faculty/staff contact hours (Section D) and
Financial Impact (Section I) must be specifically approved by initialing.
A deletion of a course. Deleted course number:
__________________________________ ___________________________________ ____________________________________
This course is:
A new course.
A change in a current course. Current course number:
A replacement for another course. Course being dropped:
Curriculum Committee - Course Proposal
C. Credit Hours for the Course:
D. Suggested Contact Hours for the Course:
Divisional Dean Approval (Please Initial):
______________________________ _______________
Signature of Author of Proposal Date
______________________________ _______________
Signature of Department Chairperson Date
______________________________ _______________
Signature of Instructor(s) of the Course Date
______________________________ _______________
Signature of Computer Services Date
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Curriculum Committee - Course Proposal
E. Prerequisites (If So, Please List):
F. Semester/Session/Years When the Course will be Offered (Fall,
Spring, Summer, Alternate Years, etc):
G. Course Description for the Catalog:
H. General Outline of the Course:
Submit an outline for the course detailing topics to be covered. Also describe how students
will make use of the library in this course. If changes are being proposed in an existing
course, please submit old and new outlines. (If more convenient, please attach material at
the end of this document.)
I. Financial Impact of the Course:
Provide financial information pertaining to such items as staff additions, staff time,
facilities, equipment and material. Note: The financial implications of this curricular
change should be discussed with your Divisional Dean well in advance of submitting this
proposal. The Divisional Dean’s signature on this proposal (Item B) and initials below
certify that all financial implications of this proposal have been discussed and approved.
Divisional Dean Approval (Please Initial):
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Curriculum Committee - Course Proposal
J: Impact on Other Departments/Programs:
What is the effect of the proposed course on the resources (personnel, equipment,
facilities, etc.) of other departments? A statement from the individuals/departments/
programs to be affected must be included to indicate that no conflicts will result from the
new course.
K: Purposes and Rationale for the Course:
Each of the questions below must be specifically addressed.
K1. What are the major goals and objectives for this course? What does the course intend
to accomplish?
If this is a course designed for your majors, how do the major goals and objectives of
this course relate to the goals and objectives of the department? Of the division? Of
the college? How does this course fit into the liberal arts tradition of the college?
Course Proposal Form - Page 4 of 7
Curriculum Committee - Course Proposal
From the objectives listed in K1 above, which one or two do you plan to assess?
If this is a general education course, how does it meet the goals and objectives of the
general education program?
- What are the general education outcomes for this course?
- What are the students expected to know and be able to do?
- From the list of intended outcomes, which one or two do you plan to
How does the assessment plan for this course relate to the assessment plan in the
department, division, or college?
Course Proposal Form - Page 5 of 7
Curriculum Committee - Course Proposal
What evidence is there of student interest for this course?
How is gender equality addressed in course materials and pedagogy?
What is the design of the course and what pedagogical approaches are to be used?
For example, will students be taking exams, writing papers, giving presentations,
participating in discussions, engaging in collaborative learning, etc?
Course Proposal Form - Page 6 of 7
Curriculum Committee - Course Proposal
L: Relation to Teacher Education Program:
Any changes in courses which are related to the teacher education curriculum/program
must have an endorsement from the Department of Education.
M: Relation to Courses at Other Institutions:
How does the proposed course compare to similar courses at comparable institutions?
N: Maximum and Minimum Enrollment:
For new or expanded course offerings, list the equivalent number of hours to be dropped
from the department curriculum or a rationale for not doing so.
In what ways will students be able to improve their oral or written communication
skills in this course?
O: Courses Proposed to be Dropped:
Course Proposal Form - Page 7 of 7
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