Cub Scout Recruitment Materials
The Crater Lake Council provides resources and materials to help your unit promote Scouting and recruit new Scouts into the
program. These materials are free for units to order and can be picked up at the Bend or Central Point Service Centers.
Please complete the form on the back of this page with your preferred selection of materials.
For more information and resources for promoting and recruiting, please visit:
A. “Something for Everyone
Family Scouting” Flyer
B. “Join Cub Scouts Biking”
C. “Something for Everyone
Cub Scouts” Flyer
D. “Escape the Great Indoors
Archery” Flyer
E. “Escape the Great Indoors
Camping - Spanish Ver.” Flyer
F. “Adventure is Calling” Flyer
G. “Join Cub Scouts” Lawn Sign H. “Escape the Great Indoors Archery” Poster I. Scout Life “Mini Magazines”
Item Name Quantity
Cub Scout Recruitment Materials Order Form
Please ll out this form in its entirety so that ofce staff can have your materials prepped and
ready for pick-up. Please allow 2 weeks for processing your request.
PACK # District:
Date of Recruitment Event: Materials Pick-Up Date:
Time of Recruitment Event:
Location of Recruitment Event:
Address of Recruitment Event :
Name of Contact Person #1:
Phone Number for Contact Person #1:
Name of Contact Person #2:
Phone Number for Contact Person #2:
Information on Back of Flyers: NO YES - Please provide Information