Community and Voluntary Organisations
Community Right to Bid Nomination Form
The Nomination Form is for groups interested in nominating an asset for inclusion on the list of Assets
of Community Value.
Under the terms of the Localism Act, 2011 all Nominations under the Community Right to Bid must
be provided in writing. The Regulations accompanying the Act specify the information required in a
Nomination, so it is important that you answer all the questions in this form as fully as possible, and
provide additional information where appropriate.
Please ll in this form, save it to your computer and send via email with a plan showing the boundaries
Part A - Information about the asset
1. Identication of Asset
To help us identify the asset being nominated please provide as much information as possible:
Type of Asset
Tick as appropriate
Title of Asset
e.g. name of the building
Any further
e.g. any additional
information that will help
us identify the asset
NOTE: Please ensure that you include a map with the location of the asset and its boundary
clearly highlighted in red.
The Land Registry is an ideal source for this information as it enables you to identify the actual
ownership boundary of an asset -
Building Land Land & Building
of the asset and any evidence to:
2. Asset Owners
Please provide details about the existing occupants (if relevant) and names and current or last known
address of all those holding a freehold or leasehold interest in the asset.
Note: It is a requirement of the Act for the Council to notify owners, leaseholders and/or occupiers
of an assets nomination. Therefore all known information of the names and addresses of relevant
owners, leaseholders and/or occupiers should be provided. Information on these can usually be
obtained with a land registry search.
Tick as appropriate
Name (s)
Connection to Asset
Phone Number (s)
Email Address
Occupant Freeholder Leaseholder
Tick as appropriate
Name (s)
Connection to Asset
Phone Number (s)
Email Address
Occupant Freeholder Leaseholder
Tick as appropriate
Name (s)
Connection to Asset
Phone Number (s)
Email Address
Occupant Freeholder Leaseholder
3. Community Value/Reasons for Nomination (Why you consider the asset is of community value)
Under the Community Right to Bid regulations, an asset is of community value if:
It is at least partly within the local authoritys area, and
wellbeing or social interests of the local community and could reasonably do so in the near future, and
It does not fall within one of the exemptions specied in Regulations
A building wholly used as a residence, together with land connected with” that residence. This
means adjoining land in the same ownership. Land is treated as adjoining if it is separated only
by a road, railway, river or canal.
A caravan site.
Operational land. This is generally land belonging to the former utilities and other statutory
all of the boxes below. Please send any additional supporting information when emailing this form.
further the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community?
3b) How will the asset continue to further the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community
in the near future if in the ownership of the community?
Its main use (i.e. not ancillary) has recently been or is presently being used to further the social
Note: The following are not able to be assets of community value:-
Please explain why the nominated asset should be listed as an Asset of Community Value by completing
3a) How is the asset used currently or has been used in the recent past (within last 3 years) to
3e) Do any public or charitable organisations run from the premises? If yes, please provide a list
3d) Is the asset currently in public or private ownership?
3c) How accessible is the asset? i.e. When is it available to the public? Proximity to public transport
routes? Provision for car parking facilities and disabled access?
Part B - Information about the organisation
Nominations can be submitted by voluntary and community organisations with a local connection.
Please tick the relevant body for the nominating organisation
a. Neighbourhood Forums
b. Parish Councils
c. Unincorporated bodies of 21 named members
d. A Charity
e. Company Limited by Guarantee
f. Industrial or Provident Society
g. Community Interest Company
Please provide information about the nominating organisation:
Name of Organisation
(Nominations will not be accepted
without these details)
Please tick the relevant box to indicate how your organisation has a local connection
a) The organisation/bodys activities are wholly or partly with the Teignbridge District Area
b) At least 21 of the members of the body are local
c) Any prots made by the body are wholly or partly applied for the benet of Teignbridge
District Residents
d) The body is a parish council, or town council within the Teignbridge District (wholly or partly)
With the exception of (d) please provide evidence/details of the bodys local connection
What are the main aims and activities of the nominating organisation?
Please send any additional supporting information as an email attachment when submitting
this form.
Part C – Contact Details
We will need to contact you to respond to your application, please provide contact details for the
person who is leading this Nomination.
Phone Number (s)
Relationship to
the nominating
For further information and support, please contact:
Forde House, Brunel Road, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 4XX
Local Land Charges, Teignbridge District Council,
Email: Phone: 01626 215124