Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio Form
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Requests for credit for prior learning experience for a student with verifiable work experience must be accompanied by a portfolio to
demonstrate that the student’s knowledge is equivalent to what would have been learned in a comparable MTI course. The portfolio
must include the following sections:
1. Course syllabus (available from the instructor or the registrar), including course description and learning objectives
2. Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio Form completed and signed by student and business office staff
3. Academic Honesty Statement signed by student
4. Current resumé
5. Course specific prior learning narrative detailing your personal experience and learning that equates to the course learning
6. Documentation to demonstrate learning of course objectives (work samples, awards, employer letters, etc.)
A non-refundable evaluation fee of $50 (up to three credits, $10 for each additional credit) per portfolio is required at the time the
student submits a portfolio for evaluation.
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