Credit Card Accounting Code Change Form
This form is to be used to correct the accounting code set in PaymentNet for one credit card transaction.
Standard procedure is to correct the coding on PaymentNet by the 15
of each month. If the transaction was
made for an Orgn other than that of the cardholder, a signature of the department head of the Orgn being
charged is required. This entire form must be completed.
Supervisor approval is required.
Item purchased: _____________________________________________________________________
Amount: $ ___________________
Purchased by: _____________________________________________________________________
Orgn/Acct Charged on PaymentNet: Orgn: ___________________ Acct: ___________________
Orgn/Acct to be charged: Orgn: ___________________ Acct: ___________________
Employee Signature Date
Supervisor Signature Date
Department Head Signature of Orgn being charged (if not same as above) Date
Clear Form