Application for
Students who feel their knowledge of a subject is equivalent to the content of a course offered by the college may
apply for credit-by-examination. To do so, the following conditions must exist:
Students must submit evidence of extensive background and/or experience in the subject to the instructor of
the course
Students must have completed twelve (12) or more units at San Bernardino Valley College or be a permanent
employee of the San Bernardino Community College District
The student must be enrolled in the college during the semester in which he/she takes the examination
In accordance with Board Policy 5080, credit-by-examination for Modern language courses may be granted
only to students who take the next higher language course while attending San Bernardino Valley College, and
only with the approval of the Modern Languages Faculty Chair
In addition to paying an enrollment fee based on the number of units in the course that is being challenged, there
is an additional $20 processing fee that is applied to all credit-by-examination applications. (Note: All students,
including those with Board of Governor fee waivers, must pay the processing fee and enrollment fee based on
units when applying for credit-by-examination.) Once the application has been approved by the administration
and the necessary fees have been paid, the instructor may administer the examination and submit the grade
earned. Grades will be consistent with the grading systems established by the college and will be submitted by
the Division to the Admissions, Records & Registration Office by the end of the semester in which the examination
is completed.
The student’s transcript will contain a notation that indicates that the credit was earned by examination. Any
grades earned through credit-by-examination will not be counted in determining the twelve (12) semester units of
credit in residence required for graduation from the college. Upon completion a notification will be sent to your
Valley College email.
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Admissions, Records & Registration (AD/SS 100):
Pick-up form
Office verifies completed units at SBVC
Designee Signature
# of Units
Division Office (Varies):
Direct to the correct instructor
Instructor reviews evidence/experience
Instructor’s signature
Division approval
Instructor’s Signature
Dean or Designee Signature
Division Office (Varies):
Instructor conducts examination
Examination graded
Instructor delivers form to Division
Division delivers form to Records
/ /20___
Exam Date
Fall Spring Summer Units Grade
Instructor’s Signature
/ /20___
Today’s Date
Records information into student files
Admissions, Records & Registration (AD/SS 100):
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Credited Date
Designee Signature
Street Address City Zip
Application For Credit-By-Examination
Student ID Number
Last Name First Name Middle Initial
20 ___
No Credit
Fall Spring Summer Course Number Course Title Units
Campus Business Office (AD/SS 206):
Pay fees - current enrollment fees plus $20
/ /20___
Paid Date
San Bernardino Valley College 701 South Mount Vernon Avenue San Bernardino California 92410 909-384-4400
Granted Denied
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