Creative Arts
Child’s Name
Encourage creativity
Encourage creativity and expression, and don’t worry about how things turn out! Ask your child questions, their
thoughts, and what he/she is doing. Point out things you notice about the artwork instead of focusing on whether
it looks like something or matches someone else’s work.
Allow your child to make pictures and sculptures
Provide your child with materials to create visual works! Use recycled materials, glue or paste, paints, items with
different textures, pencils, and paper. Ask your child about what they are doing. Encourage your child to be
creative and remember that they are learning no matter how things look in the end.
Build on children’s pretend play and interest in music
Many young children enjoy pretending to be other people or animals. Play games with your child that involve
pretending to be different things. Use your body, voice, and any handy props. Build on any interest in music to
explore listening to and/or playing different types of music.
Encourage your child to use his/her body to express how he/she feels or to show the mood of the music. Show
your child how he/she can move fast or slow, smooth or choppy, etc.
Clip and return to school.
Clip and Save.
Create or respond to artwork? (e.g. move to music, sing, draw)
Describe something your child did to create something recently. (e.g. drew a picture, hummed or sang a
tune, built a block structure, danced a fast dance)
Often Sometimes Not Yet