Crash Reporting
In Case a Crash Occurs:
Call 9-1-1, if needed.
If you can, move your vehicle off
the road so that you do not block
Get the names and addresses of
all people involved in the crash
and any witnesses.
Do not move an injured person
unless necessary.
Give the following information to the driver of the other vehicle
and request it in return:
Name and address.
Damage to vehicle.
Driver license number and state
of issue.
Insurance company name.
Vehicle license plate number and
state of issue.
Names and addresses of
Make of vehicle.
Any other actions required by your
Model and year of vehicle.
State-Specific Information
Select your state on the on-line map to see if there is any state-specific
information for your state. You can use this section to make note of what you
find for your state.
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