Period _____ Name ______________________________________
Crash Course #37
Which approach to psychology focuses on the power of the situation?
____ Cognitive psychology
____ Social
____ Psychodynamic
____ Behavioral psychology
____________ theory says we can explain someone’s
behavior by crediting their stable enduring personality
traits OR by the situation
Describe the Fundamental Attribution Error.
What do men often mis-attribute?
Central Route
Peripheral Route
Of the two routes, which one is more effective when people
aren’t paying attention? _____________________________
Give an example (not copying the definition or using the Star Wars example) of the
Foot-in-the-Door phenomenon
When a person’s behavior is
because of their personality,
it is dispositional
__ True or ___ False
Period _____ Name ______________________________________
How long did the video say it took for the role-playing to become really, really real? ___
After how many days of the planned 14 days did the study last? ____
Explain, but do not copy the concept of cognitive dissonance?
Leon Festinger