Approval for Undergraduate
Courses at Other Colleges
Office of the Registrar
Credit will be granted only if the grade of C or higher is earned at the college offering the course
and the course is approved in advance by NJIT.
Student’s Name: ______________________________________________________
ID number: ___________________________________________________________
College offering the course: _____________________________________________
Course ID: ____________________________________________________________
Title: ________________________________________________________________
Semester during which course is being taken: ________________________________
NJIT Equivalent Course: ___________________________________________________
NJIT Title: ______________________________________________________________
(Please indicate the equivalent NJIT course/elective)
Name and Academic Department Approving the course
_______________________________________________ ______________
Signature - NJIT Academic department offering the equivalent course. Date
_______________________________________________ ______________
Signature - Registrar’s Office after Academic Department Approval Date
Student must have a transcript sent to NJIT Office of the Registrar Attn. Patrick Fields University Heights
Newark, NJ 07102 AT THE COMPLETION OF THE COURSE. Not to be used for cross registration at Essex
County College or Rutgers-Newark for Fall and Spring semester.
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