Course Withdrawal Form
Student: __________________________________________
UD ID#: __________________________________________
Degree: ___________________________________________
Course Withdrawing From: _______________________________________________________
Reason for Withdrawal: __________________________________________________________
Course Withdrawal Regulations (Regular Semester):
1. A student may withdraw from a course with a grade of W until the date
listed in the UD Academic Calendar.
2. A student may NOT withdraw after the date designated in the UD Academic Calendar.
3. Students dropping all courses must complete a different withdrawal form and are subject to
the Withdrawal Refund Policy.
4. All money due to the University by the student at the time of withdrawal becomes due
and payable immediately.
5. University Scholarships do not cover re-taking courses from which the
students have withdrawn.
6. Refunds are processed based on the Withdrawal Refund Policy available on the UD
By typing my name on the line below, I hereby affirm that the above statements are true to
the best of my knowledge. I also agree to the terms and conditions of the Neuhoff School of
Ministry regarding this form.
Student Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _______________
Instructor Signature: _________________________________ Date: _______________
Dean/Delegates Signature: _____________________________ Date: _______________
For Office use only
Date Received: __/__/__
Brightspace notified: __/__/__
Financial Aid notified: __/__/__
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