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Before you withdraw from a course, you should be aware that course withdrawals:
*Will increase the cost of your education.
*May affect your financial aid status, such as repayment of a portion of aid and restrictions on future eligibility.
*May affect your transfer grade point average.
*May result in your having to pay the full cost of instruction fee to retake the course.
*May affect your anticipated graduation date.
*May result in your being denied access to limited access programs.
*May affect your immigration status if you are attending on a non-immigrant visa.
*Will result in your required repayment of course fees paid by a Bright Futures scholarship.
So, before you withdraw:
*Talk with your professor to discuss your progress in the course.
*Meet with Financial Aid Staff and/or an Academic Advisor to discuss how a withdrawal will affect the status of your financial aid
and your career and education plans.
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