This form is to be used when the student needs to withdraw from one or more courses AFTER the drop/add period has
ended. Course withdrawals after the drop/add period will receive a grade of “W”. This form is NOT to be used for official
withdrawals from Presbyterian College. Students must acquire all necessary signatures prior to submission to the Office of
the Registrar.
Step 1: Student & Course Information
PC Student ID Last Name First Name Middle Initial
Semester/Year (choose one):
Fall 20 Spring 20 Summer 20
Instructor’s Signature
Last Date of
Step 2: Additional Information
Are you a student athlete? Yes
If yes, Athletic Department must sign below.
Step 3: Approval all signatures required, unless otherwise indicated
my signature, I recognize my responsibility to read, understand, and abide by the rules and procedures printed in the Presbyterian College Academic Catalog. I
further recognize that I will not be exempted from the requirements of these rules and procedures because of ignorance, neglect, illness, other personal factors, or
contradictory advice from any source.
Student Signature: Date:
Advisor Signature: Date:
Financial Aid Signature: ____________________________________________________________Date:________________________
Athletic Department Signature
(if student athlete)
: Date:
*Students must maintain full-time status in order to live in the Residence Halls.
Step 4: Submission of form
Upon completion of information above, student should submit this form to the Office of the Registrar in Smith Administration. Forms
will not be accepted past the stated deadline.
Date processed:
Processed by:
Course Withdrawal Form
Residence Life Signature
(if dropping below 12 hours):__________________________________________
Hours remaining after withdrawal:
Revised 09/19
1. Complete and sign the Course Withdrawal form.
2. Include the signature of each instructor.
3. If you are a student-athlete, obtain the signature of the Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance.
4. Obtain signatures from your academic advisor and Financial Aid.
5. If withdrawal will result in enrollment below 12 semester hours, obtain the signature of Residence Life.
6. Return the completed form to the Registrar’s Office for processing.
Impact of Withdrawal
Students may withdraw from courses with a grade of “W” through the first 11 weeks of a fall or spring term (three
weeks for summer). The actual date of withdrawal is determined by the last verified date of attendance.
Instructions for Withdrawal from Individual Courses